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Bass trombone - Sound combinations

Bass trombone + brass instruments

Bass trombone + trombone

The bass trombone is notated as the 3rd trombone in orchestral scores and often plays the tenor trombone’s lower octave or the contrabass trombone’s upper octave. Its sound is effective in multiple octave combinations as well as the fundamental bass.

Bass trombone + trumpet

Good sound combination, makes the trombone sound brighter.

Bass trombone + French horn

The metallic trombone sound is masked by the horns. 1 trombone = 2 horns when the written dynamic levels correspond.

Bass trombone + woodwinds, strings

Since it shares its dark timbre with the cello, the double-bass, the bassoon and the contrabassoon it combines well with those instruments. The bass trombone is the carrying instrument, however, the bassoon or cello merely add color.