• Six Studies II - Andante (Tuba)
  • Six Studies VI - Allegro (Tuba)
  • The Tuba Express
  • Tuba Rhapsody

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Bass tuba - Symbolism

The bass tuba symbolizes a large, lone creature, which keeps itself in check most of the time – it could drown out the orchestral tutti. The mellowness, softness and roundness of its sound seem to convey more a feeling of security than one of immediate danger. Above all the tuba symbolizes the voice of a very large beast that is quite simply there and has no need for intimidating gestures because of its huge size. The voice of the dragon (Wagner: Siegfried) or the bear (Stravinsky: Petrouchka) can only be suggested by the tuba. Something large and clumsy can be equally well depicted – the apparent incompatibility of size and agility serves as a source of humorous effects.