• Cimbasso concerto
  • Illusions (Cimbasso)
  • Solo for Cimbasso #1
  • Solo for Cimbasso #2

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Cimbasso - Sound characteristics

Mellow, warm, soft, powerful, compact, metallic, sustaining, resonant.

The cimbasso’s timbre is highly homogeneous throughout its range. Dramatic changes of register are not apparent. The overall sound is surprisingly mellow and warm, rich and resonant.

Lower register
F1 – G2
In this register the instrument sounds round, powerful and clear. It is less metallic and much more mellow than the contrabass trombone in the same register, as well as being more concise and compact than the tuba in the same register.

Middle register
G#2 – G3
In this register the sound is very mellow, soft, round and bright in parts.

Upper register
G#3 – F4
A continuation of the mellowness and softness of the middle register.