• Clarinet Concerto
  • Fantasiestueck for clarinet
  • A Springtime Caper (Clarinet)
  • Strolling Joyfully on a Snowy Day
  • Carnival Macabre
  • Multiphonic Madness
  • Autumn in New York
  • The Moonlit Dance
  • Clarinet arpeggios

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Clarinet in Bb - Modern Clarinets

The clarinet family, which used to be larger, nowadays consists of the following instruments:

Piccolo clarinet in Ab (35 cm)
Sopranino clarinet (small clarinets): clarinet in Eb (49 cm), clarinet in D (52 cm)
Soprano clarinet: clarinet in C (57 cm), clarinet in Bb (66 cm), clarinet in A (71 cm)
Alto clarinet in Eb (95 cm)
Basset horn in F (107 cm)
Bass clarinet in Bb (135 cm)
Contrabass clarinet in Bb (265 cm)