• Magnificent Journey (Contrabass trombone)
  • Solo for Contrabass trombone

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Contrabass trombone - Sound characteristics

Hard, metallic, penetrating, powerful, dark, taut, intense, dramatic, heroic, eruptive.

The sound has a dark and metallic timbre and ranges from a melodious and subdued piano to massive explosions.

Lower register
Eb1 – C3

Pedal notes speak well thanks to the slightly wider bore. It is the notes in this register that are most often used in the orchestra. The instrument plays the deepest part (4th trombone) in the four-part trombone section, making it possible in orchestral writing to write for a four-part trombone section and include lower pitches. Functions include fundamental bass, thematic tasks, doubling an octave below. Sounds like the bass trombone but more intense.

Middle register
C#3 – C4

Smooth transition from this register to the low register. Great intensity.

Upper register
C#4 – C5

Corresponds to the tenor trombone’s pitch. At this pitch the contrabass trombone is more powerful.