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Field drum - Notation

Nowadays, notation for the tenor drum, as for all drums, is written on a single line with no clef.

In the past it was written on a staff in bass clef as a C (sometimes as a D, e.g. in Gluck).

Because the terms ”field drum” and ”tenor drum” are often mistaken as synonyms, the score should always make it clear whether the drum in the tenor register should have snares or not.

Notation of tied trills, press rolls and open rolls

Tied trills, press rolls and open rolls are written as if they were either tremolos or trills.

When a trill (or tremolo) occurs in the score the drummer’s decision of whether to play it as a tied trill, press roll or open roll is dependent on the tempo. At a fast tempo with two strokes in rapid succession a tied trill is always played; press rolls or open rolls are more suitable for longer rolls.