• Scherzo Brillante (Horn)
  • Vienna Horn Variations
  • Adagio and Toccata
  • Blue Danube Waltz - Horn solo
  • Horn meets Brass & Percussion

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Horn in F - General

Due to the large range of the horn, orchestra hornists specialize either in the high register (from the 4th natural) or the low register (to the 12th natural) and are consequently known as “high hornists” (1st and 3rd hornist) or “low hornists” (2nd and 4th hornist).

In the middle register, and especially in the upper register, every one of the horn-playing techniques can be applied with ease. Difficulties arise with leaps to the naturals from the 13th upward. The deepest notes (B1–E2) develop only very slowly and ponderously.