Promo: 35% Dicsount on Voices & Konzerthaus Organ

35% Off Voices and Vienna Konzerthaus Organ

Limited Time Offer: February 11 – March 2, 2020

Save big on our choir and solo voice offerings!

Can the Vienna Whistler prevail against the mighty Vienna Konzerthaus Organ? Find out now!

Special Offer

  List Price Promo Price
Voices Complete Standard € 595 € 385
  Full € 990 € 630
Vienna Choir Standard € 345 € 225
  Full € 640 € 420
Vienna Solo Voices Standard € 295 € 195
  Full € 490 € 320
Soprano Choir € 95 € 76
Vienna Whistler € 55 € 44
Konzerthaus Organ € 255 € 165

NEW: SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments

SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments is based on the VI Single Instruments Upright Bass, Concert Guitar and Overdrive (Distorted Electric Guitar), customized for the new Synchron Player. The deep sampled instruments were enhanced and optimized to further improve their ease-of-use and playability, enabling you to create authentic performances easily and effortlessly.

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Capricorn, our latest addition to the Big Bang Orchestra series, features ready-to-use orchestral phrases for instant modern scoring. Select patterns from a large arsenal of 4-bar themes, played by the entire Synchron Stage Orchestra, and combine them to create super-quick orchestrations! All phrases exhibit a driving rhythm and the epic sound of Synchron Stage Vienna, from subdued tension patterns to angst-inducing marches and massive chase cues.

Hint: We're still offering Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye at an introductory price of €75, only through March 2!

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