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NEW: Vienna Boys Choir and Basso Profondo Choir

For the very first time in 525 years, the world-famous Vienna Boys Choir (“Wiener Sängerknaben”), admired for its unique timbre and purity of tone, is available as a virtual instrument!

Feel the power and mysticism of the Basso Profondo Choir, as six contrabass singers explore the lowest range of the human voice.

To celebrate the release of our new choir collections, we’re offering more vocal collections at up to 42% off!

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NEW: Intro Price List Price
Vienna Boys Choir - Standard Library 135 165
Vienna Boys Choir - Full Library 210 255
Basso Profondo Choir - Standard Library 135 165
Basso Profondo Choir - Full Library 210 255
Promotional Prices on Vienna Voices Promo Price List Price
Big Bang Orchestra Ganymede - Choirs 95 160
Big Bang Orchestra Ymir - Children's Choir 55 95
SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Choir 285 325
SYNCHRON-ized Soprano Choir 65 80
SYNCHRON-ized Solo Voices 210 245
SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Whistler 40 50
SYNCHRON-ized Voices Bundle 440 515

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