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Offer 1
40% Off Library Upgrades (Extended Libraries)

Upgrade your Vienna Instruments library products at a major 40% discount, only in June!

This offer is valid for all Library Upgrades (Extended Libraries)* of our Vienna Instruments Bundles, Collections, and Single Instruments. You benefit when you upgrade from Standard Libraries to Full Libraries, or when you buy the Full Libraries in the first place.

*Except Synchron Percussion I

Standard Library + Extended Library = Full Library 

Extended Libraries complete the Standard Libraries with a large number of additional articulations, and some Extended Libraries (such as Orchestral Strings I or Brass I) contain more than four times the amount of samples than their corresponding Standard Libraries! When you start with a Standard Library, you may easily upgrade to the Full Library at any time – you’ll only pay for the Extended Library portion.

To benefit from this special offer, please log on to our website first. In case you’ve already registered a Standard Library, just order the Full Library and you’ll receive the Activation Code for the corresponding Extended Library at the reduced upgrade price. The 40% discount will be automatically applied in our web shop when purchasing the Full Library of a product.

The Woodwinds I Full Library is available for €552 (normally €690) during the promotional period. If you’ve already purchased Woodwinds I Standard Library, you may now upgrade to the Full Library for just €207 (instead of €345).

Offer 2
Special Prices on the Large String Ensembles

What’s more, we have lowered the prices of the Standard Libraries of all Orchestral Strings and Appassionata Strings libraries. This makes for exceptionally low prices of the Full Libraries in combination with Offer 1 mentioned above.

Orchestral Strings Bundle Standard Library €347 (normally €495)
  Full Library €644 (normally €990)
Orchestral Strings I Standard Library €235 (normally €335)
  Full Library €448 (normally €690)
Orchestral Strings II Standard Library €207 (normally €295)
  Full Library €384 (normally €590)
Appassionata Strings Bundle Standard Library €382 (normally €545)
  Full Library €577 (normally €870)
Appassionata Strings I Standard Library €235 (normally €335)
  Full Library €388 (normally €590)
Appassionata Strings II Standard Library €193 (normally €275)
  Full Library €250 (normally €370)

The prices of Strings Complete and the Vienna Super Package have been lowered accordingly – all discounted prices will be automatically displayed in our web shop.

Please note that if you’ve already registered any products that are part of a Bundle (e.g., Orchestral Strings Bundle, Appassionata Strings Bundle, Strings Complete, etc.), you’ll benefit from additional Complementary Discounts when completing the Bundle. Just order the respective Bundle at the discounted price, not the individual products you’re missing, and your registered products will be automatically taken into account!