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Treat yourself or your friends to a gift from Austria!

Take this opportunity to stock up on free Vienna Vouchers now! They can also be applied to the introductory prices on all the new and upcoming products, including our brand-new SYNCHRON-ized Elements and Vienna Smart Hits, for maximum savings! Vienna Vouchers are transferable and have no expiry date. They can be used by anyone to purchase any VSL item at the issuing vendor.

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Water. Metal. Glass. Stone.

Immerse yourself in the archaic sounds of SYNCHRON-ized Elements, from ethereal shimmers to thunderous strikes. Our VI Elements Collection has long been a trade secret for composers and sound designers, and we have added a lot more rarities and captivating FX Presets, including all-new instruments by combining Elements of different categories.

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Vienna Smart Hits is a breathtaking exploration into the organic, yet surreal and swirling amalgamation of hits, “braams”, risers, swells and sub booms. Following our successful Vienna Smart Spheres, our sound designers again dug deep into our multi-million sample database to unearth extraordinary marvels and merge them with thrilling sounds of a vast array of synthesizers.

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Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda gives you all the articulations of the free Big Bang Orchestra, newly and uniquely recorded with more sonic and expressive flexibility, along with many more articulations! Don’t miss this opportunity to get Andromeda with an unbeatable introductory price at 50% off during December 2019!

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