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Synchron Percussion I

Synchron Percussion I

This all-new Collection of orchestral percussion instruments ushers in a new era for Vienna Symphonic Library. Synchron Percussion I was recorded at Stage A of Vienna’s newly resurrected Synchron Stage Viennalocated on the “Wiener Rosenhügel”. This acoustically balanced and exquisite hall has a natural reverb time of 1.6 through 1.8 sec. and is large enough to accommodate a 130 piece orchestra. 


  • 16 Essential orchestral percussion instruments from the Synchron Stage Vienna collection
  • Recorded at the 540 m2 (5,813 sq.ft.) Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna
  • More than 475,000 Samples (Full Library)
  • 427 GB of installed sample data
  • Extensive recording time – up to 100 hours per instrument group
  • Pristine sound with 1.6 through 1.8 sec. natural reverb time
  • All instruments captured with 12 microphones (Full Library) or 6 microphones (Standard Library)
  • 3D Sound (Full Library) – mix in stereo, 5.1 surround, Auro 3D or Dolby Atmos
  • Up to 128 samples per pitch and per hit
  • Unique release sample technology for crescendo and diminuendo rolls
  • New: Performance Interval Rolls – play true legato (roll) lines up to a fifth interval on the timpani
  • Extra low tunings on the bass drum – for highly energetic low frequency recordings
  • Many FX articulations – a source of inspiration for all-new sound combinations
  • Free Vienna Ensemble mixing host and Vienna Instruments player included (fully compatible with Vienna Ensemble Pro
     and Vienna Instruments Pro)
  • Includes presets of well-balanced microphone setups for the players Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro, and for the mixing hosts Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble Pro.

Introductory Offers

 Synchron Percussion I is available at a special Introductory Price through May, 31, 2017.

  Introductory Price Regular Price
Synchron Percussion I Standard Library EUR 675 EUR 795
Synchron Percussion I Full Library EUR 1,265 EUR 1,490

Free Bonus: Giant Taiko Drum


As a registered user of Synchron Percussion I (Standard Library or Full Library) you qualify for a free download of our Japanese Taiko drum bonus library, featuring a large Simonsen Odaiko with a diameter of 53", recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna! This special library portion is not available for purchase and is offered to you exclusively during the introductory period! It is ready for download in your personal user area MyVSL(If you’ve registered Synchron Percussion I Standard Library, you may download Giant Taiko Drum Standard Library; if you’ve registered Synchron Percussion I Full Library, you may download Giant Taiko Drum Full Library.)


Coming Soon

MIR RoomPack 6 – Synchron Stage Vienna

Watch out for this special Vienna MIR RoomPack that will connect your existing sample arsenal with the exceptional acoustics of Synchron Stage Vienna

MIR RoomPack 6 - Synchron Stage Vienna will be available at a special introductory price of €145. It will be free for registered users of Synchron Percussion I during the RoomPack’s introductory period!

Please find more Details here.