> Synchron Percussion I
Synchron Percussion I

Synchron Percussion I

This all-new Collection of orchestral percussion instruments ushers in a new era for Vienna Symphonic Library. Synchron Percussion I was recorded at Stage A of Vienna’s newly resurrected Synchron Stage Viennalocated on the “Wiener Rosenhügel”. This acoustically balanced and exquisite hall has a natural reverb time of 1.6 through 1.8 sec. and is large enough to accommodate a 130 piece orchestra. 


  • 16 Essential orchestral percussion instruments from the Synchron Stage Vienna collection
  • Recorded at the 540 m2 (5,813 sq.ft.) Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna
  • More than 475,000 Samples (Full Library)
  • 427 GB of installed sample data
  • Extensive recording time – up to 100 hours per instrument group
  • Pristine sound with 1.6 through 1.8 sec. natural reverb time
  • All instruments captured with 12 microphones (Full Library) or 6 microphones (Standard Library)
  • 3D Sound (Full Library) – mix in stereo, 5.1 surround, Auro 3D or Dolby Atmos
  • Up to 128 samples per pitch and per hit
  • Unique release sample technology for crescendo and diminuendo rolls
  • New: Performance Interval Rolls – play true legato (roll) lines up to a fifth interval on the timpani
  • Extra low tunings on the bass drum – for highly energetic low frequency recordings
  • Many FX articulations – a source of inspiration for all-new sound combinations
  • Free Vienna Ensemble mixing host and Vienna Instruments player included (fully compatible with Vienna Ensemble Pro
     and Vienna Instruments Pro)
  • Includes presets of well-balanced microphone setups for the players Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro, and for the mixing hosts Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble Pro.

Introductory Offer

 Synchron Percussion I is available at a special Introductory Price through May, 31, 2017.

  Introductory Price Regular Price
Synchron Percussion I Standard Library EUR 675 EUR 795
Synchron Percussion I Full Library EUR 1.265 EUR 1.490

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