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Historic Winds III

This all-new Collection features a natural horn, recorded in our Silent Stage. As a predecessor to the modern French horn, the natural horn has neither finger holes nor valves. As a result, only natural tones according to the harmonic series can be produced by adjusting the embouchure and changing the lip-tension.  In order to play (harmonic) scales in various keys, various tuning slides have to be used. For utmost tonal flexibility, we’ve captured a natural horn with 10 different tuning slides.

Introductory Price July 1–31, 2017
€295 (regular: €395)

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Limited Time Offer

Our Historic Winds Collections are not only perfectly suited for scoring historic film subjects but are a real source of inspiration if you’re looking for all-new timbres for solo performances or instrumental combinations. Only through July 31, 2017 you’ll benefit from major discounts on these Collections.

Historic Winds I        €415 (normally €565)
Historic Winds II       €415 (normally €565)
Historic Winds III      €295 (Introductory Price; €395 as of August 1, 2017)

Coinciding with the release of Historic Winds III, the prices of several other collections that offer instruments for recreating Renaissance, Baroque and early classical music have been reduced by 30%.

Product   Regular Price* Special Price*
July 1 – 31, 2017
Chamber Strings Bundle Std. Library EUR 495 EUR 347 EUR 148
  Full Library EUR 890 EUR 624 EUR 266
Chamber Strings I Std. Library EUR 295 EUR 207 EUR 88
  Full Library EUR 650 EUR 456 EUR 194
Chamber Strings II Std. Library EUR 255 EUR 179 EUR 76
  Full Library EUR 350 EUR 246 EUR 104
Konzerthaus Organ Std. Library EUR 255 EUR 179 EUR 76
Harpsichord Std. Library EUR 55 EUR 39 EUR 16
Recorders Std. Library EUR 145 EUR 102 EUR 43
Vienna Solo Voices Std. Library EUR 295 EUR 207 EUR 88
  Full Library EUR 490 EUR 344 EUR 146

The prices of Strings Complete, Chamber Strings BundleWinds Complete, Additional Winds Bundle, Keyboards Complete, Special Keyboards, Voices Complete and Vienna Super Package have been lowered accordingly.

* Prices based on the MSRPs displayed in our web shop. Due to upgrade and complementary discounts your personal price may be substantially lower than the special price shown here.