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Save Big on Vienna Special Editions in August!

30% Off All Special Edition Bundles

Whether you’re completing your Special Edition Bundles, or buying a new bundle, your price is 30% off!

Special Edition Vol. 2 at only €198!

For registered users of our Special Edition Vol. 1, the sequel providing a variety of new instruments carries its lowest price ever (normally €335), only in August!

If you’re a new user to the Special Editions, just put Volume 1 and Volume 2 into the basket to benefit from the very low price of Special Edition Vol. 2. When purchasing a Special Edition Core Bundle or Special Edition Complete Bundle you don't have to order the SE Volumes 1 & 2 first, as you save the most when ordering Bundles right away, especially if you've already registered one or more Sections of the Special Edition Volumes 1 & 2.

The Vienna Special Editions cover the full orchestra and more in resource-saving, affordable packages, offering a cross-section of Vienna’s entire three million sample archive. With a total of 97 instruments and ensembles you’re well equipped for a variety of musical styles, from pop and rock arrangements to large-scale orchestrations, including choir.

During the month of August you’ll save 30% when purchasing our Special Edition Bundles and even more when upgrading your Special Edition product(s) to one of these Bundles!

    Regular Price* Special Price*
August 1–31
Special Edition Vol. 1 Bundle Special Edition Volume 1
Special Edition Vol. 1 PLUS
€ 535 € 375
Special Edition Vol. 2 Bundle Special Edition Volume 2
Special Edition Vol. 2 PLUS
€ 565 € 396
SE Core Bundle Special Editions Volumes 1–4
(without PLUS Volumes)
€ 995 € 697
SE Complete Bundle Special Editions Volumes 1–4
(including PLUS Volumes)
€ 1,480 € 1,036

* Prices based on the MSRPs displayed in our web shop. Your personal price may be substantially lower due to upgrade and complementary discounts.

If you’ve already registered one or more Special Edition Sections or Volumes and upgrade to a Bundle you’ll receive the 30% discount on the reduced upgrade price. Just make sure to order the corresponding Special Edition Bundle and not the missing Special Edition Volumes individually. Your discounted upgrade price will be automatically displayed in our webshop.

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