> Free Vienna Voucher

Treat yourself or your friends to a gift from Austria!

If you purchase three Vienna Vouchers between December 1 and December 31, 2017 in one order you’ll receive one additional Voucher for free! To get your free Vienna Voucher, please put four Vouchers of the same value (€100 or €500) into the basket, and one of them will be free. Multiple orders are accepted (e.g., 3 + 1 free, 6 + 2 free, 9 + 3 free, etc.).

After our brand-new Synchron Strings I we're planning to release more exciting product innovations in 2018, so be sure to stock up on free Vienna Vouchers now since they can also be applied to the introductory prices on all the new and upcoming products for maximum savings!

Vienna Vouchers purchased at the VSL web shop can be used by anyone to buy any product at the VSL web shop. They are transferable and have no expiry date. Please find more information here.