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Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

VM1 iPad App by Montreal Music Labs

Feature List

  • View all VE Pro servers, instances, channels on the network
  • Stay in one DAW Environment, no need for screen sharing or KVM
  • Disconnect and disable/enable VE Pro instances for better management of CPU processing
  • Customize and organize VE Pro instances for quick access to any component of a large VE Pro template
  • Create custom VM1 “Stacks” for layering sounds and textures with ease
  • Compare and choose different sounds using VM1 “audition mode”
  • Instantly make changes to faders, pan and I/O
  • iOS app created in collaboration with Vienna Symphonic Library

VM1 iPad App Overview

VM1 is a new iPad controller app for Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, created by Montreal Music Labs. VM1 is designed to harness the power of Vienna Ensemble Pro's rich feature set quickly and easily! Moreover, VM1 allows for new ways of interacting with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 to enhance your creative expression.

VM1 clearly shows all Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 servers, instances and channels on the network. With VM1 you can quickly manage CPU resources, organize and customize large templates, make quick adjustments to the Vienna Ensemble Pro mixer, and create custom VM1 “stacks” to create layered sounds and textures on the fly.

The VM1 iPad app is available as a free download from the iOS App Store. The VM1 Helper app is available for purchase from the Montreal Music Labs website.

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Montreal Music Labs is the result of a multi-year collaboration between Emmy-nominated composer, Ray Fabi, and lead developer, Shane Koss. After developing numerous custom hardware and software solutions for Ray’s studio in Montreal, they decided to share these innovative solutions with music creators everywhere.

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