Episode 1 – The Stolen Bass Trumpet

Consistency is of utmost importance when capturing every acoustic aspect of an instrument, since the recording process takes severeal months and, in some cases, even more than a year. That’s why it is essential to record the same musicians with the same instruments in the same acoustic environment (room, microphone, settings, etc.) throughout the entire process. In some cases, cables, microphones or speakers might be replacable, but the loss of an instrument during a recording session is definitely a disaster and consequently requires going back to square one.

Unfortunately the bass trumpet of musician Leonhard Paul, a historical instrument over 100 years old, was stolen from his car one day. This happened just a few days after completing the recordings at our “Silent Stage”! From this perspective, the bass trumpet samples are irrecoverable acoustic documents of this unique instrument – and maybe a sonic comparison with the original will ultimately convict the culprit one day …

You will find the bass trumpet included in our Brass II Collection, and you can purchase it separately as a Single Instrument. As with all Single Instruments, you will benefit from upgrade discounts when completing the Collection later.

Bass trumpet