Welcome to our new website!

Here is a short overview on everything that's new.


You will find all of your files for your registered products at MyVSL (formerly User Area). Under the menu MyOrders your invoices will be available soon after payment processing has been completed.
If you can’t find your Activation Code(s) for your product(s), just select MyProducts from the left menu and click the info button to the left of a Serial Number.
You don’t want to purchase your favorite products from our web shop right away? Just save them under MyWishlist and order them later.


Our previous Demo Zone has been totally revamped, and you’ll find it easier than ever to browse through and listen to hundreds of pieces in our new MUSIC section. Create and save your personal playlist and use the “External Player” to listen to your favorite tunes while browsing our new website!

Audition Credit

Audition Credit enables you to test-drive all of our library products instantly and online in real-time. All you need is an Internet connection, a user account, and a Mac OS or Windows computer with audio output. Our dedicated Audition Player is easy-to-use and comes with presets for over 190 instruments and ensembles, offering real-time control of expression, velocity crossfade, and level of the included MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal reverb.

New Complementary Discounts

Complete your Bundles at new upgrade discounts. This principle works for all of our products, whether you complete your

- Single Instruments to a Vienna Instruments Collection
- Vienna Instruments Collections to a Bundle
- Vienna Special Edition Sections to a Special Edition Volume
- Vienna Special Edition Volumes to a Special Edition Bundle
- Software Products to the Vienna Software Package
- MIRx Reverb Extensions to the MIRx Bundle
- MIR RoomPacks to the MIR RoomPack Bundle.

New Collections and Bundles

Synchron Percussion I is the first orchestral percussion library recorded in our newly revitalized scoring stage, Synchron Stage Vienna.
Historic Winds I
 and Historic Winds II offer recordings of some beautiful and unique instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These all-new Collections are not only perfectly suited to score historic film subjects but are a real source of inspiration if you’re looking for all-new timbres for solo performances or instrumental combinations in order to enrich your arrangements.
Check out the newest additions to our revolutionary “Dimension” series of ensemble instrument collections! Vienna Dimension Strings II and Vienna Dimension Brass II are offering muted ensembles that complement the previously released first parts in this exceptional series of libraries.
Vienna Solo Voices allows for an accurate and authentic realization of polyphonic vocal repertoire, including four female voices and three male voices.
What’s more, we’ve compiled the new Collections Historic Winds I & II as well as the existing Collections Saxophones and Recorders to a new bundle, the Additional Winds Bundle. The new Plucked Instruments Bundle features the existing instruments Upright Bass, Vienna Concert Guitar, and Overdrive.

Improved Upgrade Discount Structure

You receive discounts when you upgrade from the Vienna Special Editions to the Standard Libraries of Single Instruments and Vienna Instruments Collections. The Special Edition PLUS Volumes will yield discounts when upgrading towards Extended Libraries.

Extended Libraries

If you’re wondering where the Buy button for Extended Libraries has gone, just purchase the Full Library of a given product. When you purchase the Full Library, you will usually get the Standard Library and the Extended Library. In case you have registered the Standard Library already, you will just receive the Activation Code for the Extended Library at the upgrade price (which equals the price of the Extended Library), less any other applicable upgrade discounts.

Vienna Voucher

Treat yourself or your loved Vienna Symphonic Library aficionados with a gift from Austria!