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Plate Bells:

Plate bells - Brief description

Plate bells
German: Plattenglocken
French: cloches-plaques, cloches en lame de métal
Italian: campane in lastra di metallo

Bell plates have been used in the opera and symphony orchestra since the end of the 19th century to imitate church bells and for playing very low-pitched bell parts. Whereas tubular bells (chimes) cover the higher register, bell plates have proven more suitable for the lower compass, from about C4 downward. In the past, solid steel bars and other metal objects were also used as bell substitutes.

Idiophone, percussion plaque, percussion instrument with definite pitch

Metal frame on wheels. Semicircular frame for 13 plates (= octave).
The same stands can also be used for tam-tams and gongs.

Aluminum alloy, bronze, steel; rectangular
Length: from 30–100 cm
Width: from 25–75 cm
Thickness: approx. 3–6 mm

For hanging the plates

Large, flat disc made of wood, often with a metal core, padded with felt or leather.