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Audition Credit

  • Test-drive all of our library products online in real-time (except Synchron Series)
  • 1-hour flexible time credit
  • Easy-to-use Vienna Audition Player allows for quick and easy testing
  • Dedicated reference presets with selected articulations for 190 Vienna Instruments and Ensembles
  • Use your mouse, a MIDI keyboard, or your sequencer/notation program to trigger notes and send real-time controller changes
  • No hardware USB eLicenser required

Each Audition Credit gives you 60 minutes of trial time with instant online access to the entire range of Vienna Instruments (except Synchron Series products). All you need is an active user account*, a Mac OS or Windows computer with audio output and an Internet connection. A MIDI keyboard connected to your computer is recommended but not required, since you may use your mouse to trigger notes on the virtual keyboard.

The easy-to use Vienna Audition Player is a special version of our award-winning Vienna Instruments player software that has been modified for quick online testing. Select from a total of 190 instruments and ensembles with up to 10 different articulations each, including standard articulations such as legato, staccato, sforzato etc., as featured in our Special Edition products.

You have real-time control of volume, expression, velocity crossfade and the reverb amount (based on MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal). The audio quality is comparable to a good MP3 encoding. Audio playback latency can be adjusted to account for your Internet speed.

You may also test-drive our state-of-the-art Bösendorfer virtual grand piano Vienna Imperial, which has its own custom user interface.

Your 1-hour Audition Credit is only used during audio playback! This means that you don’t have to quit the Vienna Audition Player application if you are not using it. You don’t have to use your 60-minute credit all at once; it may be split into several sessions. Naturally, you can purchase additional Audition Credits if you want to extend the trial period.

* If you don’t have a user account, please register at the top right corner of this page. Please note that Vienna Audition Credit and the corresponding applications and licenses may only be used for the purpose of evaluating Vienna Symphonic Library products.