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Hello Free Instruments
  • Imminent Impact
  • Race to Space
  • The Rise
  • A Sign from Olorun (with Big Bang Orchestra)
  • Shepherd's Ascension

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HELLO Free Instruments

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Big Bang Orchestra - Free Basics

Get ready to go big and bold with our big "tutti" orchestra. Articulations include staccatos, sustains, marcatos, swells and runs – just what you need to create earth-shattering accents, awe-inspiring “braaahhms” and nerve-wracking tension cues. Details here

Fujara Flute

This overtone flute from central Slovakia is originally played by shepherds. The mystical instrument brings new soundscapes to your music, from soft meditative tones to energetic outbursts.  Details here

Soft Imperial

Indulge in the gentle sounds and colors of a magnificent Bösendorfer Imperial. Rather than being dull or muffled, the clear and transparent tones of this beautiful grand piano lend themselves well to a lot of styles. Details here

Celestial Strings

This heavenly string ensemble is simply beautiful, and beautifully simple to use. The acclaimed string players of the Synchron Stage Orchestra are creating a soft and ethereal ensemble sound that is so homogenous and well balanced that this may well be one of your favorite string patches ever! Details here

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