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Synchronized Series Collection

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SYNCHRON-ized Timpani

This Percussion Pack is based on the VI Series library Timpani and includes the updated sample database of two sets of timpani that were recorded in the tight and controlled ambience of our second studio, the Silent Stage. They can therefore be placed in any acoustic environment and anywhere in a room. Each instrument comes with customized impulse responses that make placing them in their perfect sounding spot on the virtual Synchron Stage Vienna a breeze.

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Audio Demos SYNCHRON-ized Percussion - Timpani
Thundering Fury - Timpani A&B Guy Bacos 1:35
Timpani Fanfare - Timpani Andreas Olszewski 0:21

Timpani A offers a variety of left and right hand single strokes (played open or secco) as well as repetitions, static rolls, crescendo and diminuendo rolls in several lengths, glissandos, glissando rolls, and upbeats. Single strokes and static rolls are also available as an option processed with high-end studio equipment, letting you adjust the wet/dry ratio with a CC controller. Timpani B can be played with several mallets (medium-soft, medium-hard, hard, wood, felt) or fingers, and offer an additional coperto (damped) option for single strokes.

Compared to Synchron Timpani that were recorded on our very own scoring stage, the instruments of the SYNCHRON-ized Collection were not only captured in a different acoustic environment, they’re also different makes of the same instruments with their own individual sound characteristics and were played by different musicians, therefore adding more flexibility and a greater variety to your percussion arsenal.

The entire sample database was optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player and its advanced algorithms and features. The volume levels of all articulations have been precisely adjusted and matched, balancing the dynamic ranges of all instruments for seamless, natural performances when switching through various articulations. Dynamic rolls can be played shorter than their original length due to the release sample algorithms of the Synchron Player.

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Sample Amount 8,549
Download File Size 1.7 GB
Installed File Size 10.9 GB