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Orchestral Brilliance

Our proprietary sample player Vienna Instruments Pro comes with every VI Series library*, free of charge.

Vienna Instruments Pro allows you to combine hundreds of articulations on one MIDI track, and switch easily between them. Our proprietary Performance Detection analyzes intervals, repeated notes, patterns, and even playing speed in real-time, and automatically summons the appropriate articulation or nuance.

Vienna Instruments Pro improves your workflow dramatically, making your creative process faster and easier, and also adding human behavior to your music. Customize all presets and articulations to your preferred way of creating music, stack multiple instruments in a single instance of Vienna Instruments Pro, play them with polyphonic legato, and breathe even more life into the samples by controlling the performance accuracy of your virtual musicians in real-time, at the touch of a single fader.

Retina Announcement

Super fast loading-times, auto humanization, polyphonic legato, enveloped time stretching, adjustable tuning scales, built-in reverb and EQ, and a straight user interface with basic and advanced views – among so many other cool features – come together to create a powerhouse of orchestral production that will add life to your music in ways you never imagined.

Watch the video tutorials to see and hear what Vienna Instruments Pro has in store for you!

Dave Newman


  • Sample player software with intelligent Performance Detection for all VI Series products.*
  • Retina-ready, scaling 100% and 200% available, for visual adaptation to any resolution.
  • Human Performance Control for adjusting the timing and intonation of your virtual musicians. Assign appropriate performance accuracy settings to all of your loaded articulations at once with Auto Humanization
  • APP Sequencer – The internal Auto-Playback and Pattern Sequencer offers a vast variety of presets with chord voicings and phrases. Trigger rhythmic patterns, runs and accompanying arrangements of the whole orchestra at the touch of a single key! **
  • Enveloped time stretching – Determine which part of an articulation should be manipulated and adjust the speed of a portamento or the attack of a staccato.
  • Polyphonic legato when playing chords using Legato Performance Patches
  • Slot rack for up to 16 articulations per cell with volume slider and power panning for each patch. Stack your own powerful multi-instruments using auto voicing.
  • Auto voicing for stacked multi-instruments.
  • Super-fast loading times, even after cold starting. Load progress bar. You can even play the sounds while the sample patches are still loading!
  • New GUI design: Basic View for an easy overview. Advanced View displays all of the important parameters in the same window.
  • Adjustable tuning scales – Choose from several Arabic and Turkish scales, Chinese Lu, just intonation, equal temperament, Werckmeister, etc., or customize your microtunings by changing specific notes of a scale. You can even switch scales using controllers while you’re playing!
  • Time stretching – works great on staccatos, runs, crescendos, etc.
  • Built-in reverb (algorithmic for low latency).
  • MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions (sold separately) – Choose from five optional convolution reverb extensions based on our revolutionary MIR (Multi Impulse Response) technology, derived from Vienna MIR Pro and the Vienna MIR RoomPacks!
  • Various options for switching articulations, e.g., sequence map and interval map.
  • Separate volume control and EQ for each matrix.
  • Customize your patches and articulations for your personal work-flow.
  • Enabling/Disabling of Cells – Load huge presets with hundreds of articulations in no time, and without taxing your RAM. Specific articulations get loaded only when you “enable” their cells with a simple double-click. Disable cells to clear samples from RAM, while keeping all patch settings intact.
  • Auto Cell Naming – Easily identify all loaded articulations by their cell names.
  • Browser with search function.
  • Keyboard display with 128 keys, showing all key switches, with adjustable volume zones and instrument ranges for stacked instruments.
  • Extended Instrument Ranges – Extend the range of each articulation up to two whole tones (both in the high and low register) by simply grabbing the handles on the virtual keyboard.
  • Free Remote App for Apple iOS and Android Tablet PCs included – Use your tablet as a convenient external real-time MIDI controller for Articulation switches, Velocity Crossfade, Expression, Tuning Master Volume, etc.
  • SSD ready – Load 10 times more samples into your RAM, 10 times faster, by reducing the sample preload buffer size when using Solid State Drives!
  • AU/VST/AAX Native plug-in or stand-alone.
  • Pre-configured Presets and Matrices for intuitive playing in real-time with quick authentic results.
  • Easily design your own Matrices using Drag & Drop.
  • Layer Articulations for simultaneous or crossfade performances in one Preset.
  • Interval Detection – Provides natural intervals and note transitions for legato, portamento, glissando, spiccato, marcato and détaché styles in real-time.
  • Repetition Detection – Lets you play natural repeated notes in legato, portato, staccato and spiccato styles at any speed.
  • Pattern and Trill Detection – Avoids same-sample occurrences, even within complex phrases and trills.
  • Speed Detection – The tempo of your performance automatically triggers the appropriately articulated samples and switches seamlessly between articulations.
  • Basic View for an easy overview. Advanced View displays all of the important parameters in the same window.
  • Built-in algorithmic reverb
  • Possibility to incorporate the optional MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions (sold separately), based on Vienna MIRconvolution technology.
  • Super-fast loading times, even after cold starting. You can even play the sounds while the sample patches are still loading!
  • Lossless real-time de-compression for using less RAM and hard disk resources.
  • RAM Optimizer removes unused samples from RAM.
  • 64-bit support (Windows & OS X)

*) Please note that only VI Series Collections, Single Instruments and the VI Special Editions can be loaded into Vienna Instruments Pro. Our Synchron Series and SYNCRHON-ized libraries as well as former sample libraries of the First/Pro Edition, the Horizon series or 3rd party libraries (e.g., for Native Instruments’ Kontakt) are not supported. The VI Series' piano library Vienna Imperial comes with its own free sample player.

**) The full scope of phrases and runs is available for registered users of all Vienna Instruments Collections (Full Libraries). Since the Standard Libraries and the VI Special Editions don’t include many of the more advanced articulations for certain musical phrases, these products are limited to using the preconfigured chords of the APP sequencer