VI Special Edition Volume 6
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VI Special Edition Volume 6 – Dimension Brass

Volume 6 of our VI Special Edition Series features the most important playing techniques from our popular Collections Vienna Dimension Brass I and Vienna Dimension Brass II. They include five brass ensembles of four players each:
4 Trumpets
4 French horns
4 Trombones
4 Wagner tubas
1 “Low brass ensemble“ (1 tuba, 1 bass trombone and 2 tenor trombones)

Articulations include staccato, sustained, marcato, legato and sforzato, all played without mutes and with mutes (except for the Wagner tuba ensemble and the low brass ensemble that are played without mutes only).

Individual Microphones – Individual Access

While every note was played by a well-rehearsed ensemble of four brass players, each instrument was recorded separately. Still, they sound like an ensemble and not like four soloists. Since all the recorded instruments are available separately, you may change sound characteristics, player position, volume, and performance accuracy and switch between any number of musicians of the ensemble, from the principal, to single desks, to all four players.

Human Feel

Even the best musicians never play in perfect unison; slight imperfections in pitch and timing, as well as different timbres and dynamics create a lively, beautiful ensemble sound. When playing as a group, musicians continually adapt to each other, and their interactions within the ensemble reveal the “magic” of a live performance.

VI Special Edition Vol. 6 comes with the free Vienna Instruments Pro player. When you use the Dimension Brass patches with its Auto Humanization feature, all of these nuances and variations are created automatically while simply playing the keyboard. You may control the performance accuracy in real-time, at the single touch of a fader – from subtle tuning and timing variations to heavy cluster effects! What’s more, the auto-divisi mode lets you easily split voices as you play.


You may expand the brass ensembles of the VI Special Edition Vol. 6 with additional articulations by upgrading to the large Collections Vienna Dimension Brass I and Vienna Dimension Brass II at favorable upgrade prices.

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