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Tam-tam - Sound combinations

The tam-tam is used to add a particular timbre to the overall sound of the orchestra or to provide accents. The instrument’s sound is very conspicuous and should therefore be used with care.

Tam-tam + other percussion instruments

A good blend of percussion instruments is achieved especially by those with a deep and dark sound such as the bass drum, gong, timpani etc.

However, the tam-tam can also add bass to the high, metallic timbre of instruments such as the cymbals, triangle, tambourine, bell-tree, bells, etc.).

Tam-tam + brass instruments

Trumpets and trombones combine especially well with the tam-tam and the timbre becomes more penetrating and more metallic, although it can also sound more threatening.

Piano tones can also achieve a good blend with mellow-sounding brass such as the horns.

Tam-tam + woodwinds, strings

Piano tones can achieve a good blend with low woodwinds such as the bassoon and with low strings such as the cello and the double-bass.