• Theme and 11 Fantasy Variations (Trombone)
  • Black Swan Waltz
  • Czardas (Trombone)
  • Divertimento #2 (Trombone)
  • Aequale for 3 trombones

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Tenor trombone - Sound Characteristics

Brassy, brilliant, powerful, overpowering, solid, tense, penetrating, dramatic, hard, full, sinister, soft, round.

The sound of the trombone remains homogeneous throughout its entire range. There are no big differences between the registers such as those found in the clarinet or the bassoon.

These sound metallic, grave, dark, distant, focused (not wide like the tuba).

Low register
dark, weighty, dense, somber, threatening when played forte, mysterious and full when played piano. It is used for weighty and portentous themes and as bass in harmony sequences.

Middle register
Metallic sound, mighty, sometimes blaring and heroic when played forte.

Grave, sustaining, full, mysterious in piano. Very short and barely sounded notes through sustained chords.

Upper register
Here the sound becomes more brilliant and can reach sweeping intensity. The mellowness increases. The tenor trombone, now sounding more metallic, more definite and brighter, shares this register with the French horn, which sounds playful and magical.

Brilliance in piano.

At its highest pitch the tenor trombone reaches the trumpet register sounding more substantial and mellower.