• The Crown Coronation (Trumpet)
  • The Wind-up Toy Soldier (Trumpet)
  • Meditation
  • Mystic Voices
  • Trumpet sonata
  • The Dancing Clown (Trumpets)

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Trumpet in C - Sound combinations

Trumpet + brass instruments

Trumpet + trumpet
Two trumpets played an octave apart sound completely homogeneous as do a trumpet and a bass trumpet.

Trumpet + horn
Played in octaves with the horns beneath the trumpet sounds softer while remaining dominant.

Trumpets and horns played in unison are used generally to make the sound massive, the soft sound of the horns blending with the metallic ring of the trumpets. In the middle register the trumpet’s sound is so predominant that its dynamic level equals that of four horns.

Trumpet + trombone
Homogeneous sound combination with the trombone in the lower octave. The trombone intensifies the trumpet’s sound and lends it fullness. In chords the trumpet complements the similar-sounding trombone to produce the typical brass sound.

Trumpet + woodwinds

In this sound combination particular attention must be paid to the dynamic relationships. Balanced dynamic levels are achieved for instance by muted trumpets + woodwinds, or trumpets + forced woodwinds in the upper register.

Trumpet + oboe
The oboe tempers the metallic side of the trumpet’s sound. Especially in tutti passages the trumpet can be used for octave doubling with the high woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet).

Trumpet + clarinet
In unison, trumpets and clarinets produce a clearer, brighter sound than any other combination; for octave combinations the piccolo clarinet is best suited.

Trumpet + bass clarinet, bassoon
The combination with bass clarinet and bassoons is used to produce a massive sound.

Trumpet + stringed instruments

Dynamics are important here too. The trumpet’s brilliance is emphasized when it is played in unison with the strings, a tonal blend is achieved only with the viola. In addition the combination of trumpets played staccato or marcato with strings using the “col legno” and “at the frog” articulation is very effective.

Trumpet + percussion

Trumpet + xylophone
In unison with the xylophone: trumpet fortissimo-marcato, xylophone fortissimo.