• Battle of Waterloo
  • The Fantastic Explorers
  • Cosmic Winds
  • December Delights
  • Spanish Scent
  • Was It Just A Dream?
  • Trick or Treat
  • Solar Winds

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Big Bang Orchestra: Solaris - FAQ

My Download Manager doesn't start when I click the Activation Code!

You are using an old version of the Download Manager.
Please download and install the latest Download Manager from here. While you’re at it, please update the eLicenser Control Center as well.

Why do I get an error message in eLicenser Control Center when I try to download my license?

You are using an old version of the eLicenser Control Center The latest download is available here.

Where do I find the Synchron Player Software?

It’s right there at MyVSL/Software Installers!

I am confused about the installation procedure. Can you give me quick instructions, please?


A) Download the latest Synchron Player and Download Manager from MyVSL/Software Installers.

WAIT until the download is finished and the Download Manager is installed!

B) Click the product links in your Confirmation Mail and you will be guided through the installation. 

Done. Any troubles: Contact, preferably with a screenshot and we'll be happy to help!

Can I download the sample content anytime later on?

Yes, the download files will stay available for later download.

I can’t see my sample content when I open the Synchron Player!

Please make sure that you have actually installed your sample content after the download has finished. You should see *.vsynvolume files in your folder. If you have moved your sample content after installation, please assign the new location in your Synchron Player SETTINGS => Database Tab.