• Tragic March - Wagner tubas
  • The Canvas Painter (Wagner tuba)
  • Monastery on the Mountain (Wagner tuba)
  • High Voltage - Wagner tubas
  • Solo for Wagner tuba

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Wagner tuba - Sound combinations

Wagner tubas are best suited for the evocation of solemn, stately and heroic moods and their timbre bridges the gap between the horns and the low brass as well as between the bass tuba and the trombones. They have enough volume to play themes on their own or an octave above with the bass tuba. They perform the main tasks (harmony, melody and rhythm tasks) in the middle and low registers.

Wagner tuba + brass instruments

Wagner tuba + Wagner tuba
Four Wagner tubas form a self-contained group with a homogeneous sound for stately chord progressions. Played in octaves the effect opens out more.

Wagner tuba + horn
Owing to the similarity in timbre a highly homogeneous blend is achieved in unison and in chords.

Wagner tuba + trombone
A mighty and impressive blend when played in unison. If that isn’t heroic?

Wagner tubas + bass tuba
A very common combination both in unison and in octaves.

Wagner tuba + woodwinds

A particularly effective combination is achieved with the bassoons (also together with the horns), which produces a dark luster in unison and in chords.

Wagner tuba + strings

Wagner tuba + double-basses
Possess equal volume and complement each other, merging to a homogeneous group with a dark timbre in the low and middle registers.