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  • Symphonic Dances, 1st mvt., excerpt Strings
  • A Yearning Heart
  • String quartet op. 59/3 - Finale
  • Symphony no. 5, 1st mvt.
  • Holberg Suite - Prelude
  • Adagio For Strings
  • Anaheim Appassionatas
  • Aase´s Death
  • The Garden Rendezvous

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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From solo instruments to chamber and orchestral string ensembles to the Appassionata Strings’ large groups – and the harps – Strings Complete covers the whole range of symphonic string instruments and provides you with authentic sound results for all kinds of orchestrations. Played by renowned musicians, international soloists and members of Viennese orchestras, the Vienna Instruments String Collections offer richly detailed sample recordings that enable you to create authentic and lifelike scores.

David Newman
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