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  • Symphonic Dances, 1st mvt., excerpt
  • Daphnis and Chloe - Danse Generale
  • Orchestral Variations on a Theme by Schumann
  • Rhapsody for a Lost Soul
  • Anaheim Appassionatas
  • Royal Brass Festival
  • Age of Light - Overture
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Jazz Journey

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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This gigantic bundle includes 31 Vienna Instruments Collections and 13 additional Single Instruments that were recorded at our custom-built recording facility Silent Stage.*
With its unsurpassed number of over 2.8 million pristine sound recordings, this tour de force is by far the largest compilation of orchestral samples on the planet, covering the complete symphonic orchestra and a lot more.

Our award-winning sample player Vienna Instruments Pro gives you quick access to all the instruments and ensembles, making it simple to navigate through the abundance of articulations and to produce authentic results with ease.

* except for the Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, which was recorded at the famous Vienna Konzerthaus.

Standard Library Full Library
Sample Amount 618,408 2,820,210
Download File Size 179.6 GB 600.5 GB
Installed File Size 265.1 GB 1.0 TB