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  • Quintet for Solo Brass
  • Battle March (Epic Horns)
  • Journey to Greatness (Fanfare trumpets)
  • Breaking The Rules
  • The Neo Dimension
  • Quiet City (Trumpet)
  • Scherzo Brillante (Horn)
  • Czardas (Trombone)
  • Six Studies VI - Allegro (Tuba)

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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Blow Your Horn!

With this bundle you get the entire range of symphonic orchestra brass instruments and more. Brass I includes the standard instrumentation with trumpet, Viennese horn, tenor trombone and tuba (each recorded solo and in three-player ensembles). Brass II expands the spectrum with piccolo and bass trumpet, triple-horn, bass and contrabass trombone, contrabass tuba, Wagner tuba and the warm sounding cimbasso of the tuba family, to accommodate any large romantic or modern orchestral score.

A specialty of the Brass II Collection is the “Epic Horns” sample set, a massive sounding body of eight double horns, well-known for its use in many Hollywood action scores. The included Special Brass Collection contains less common instruments such as cornet, alto trombone and euphonium, as well as the six “Fanfare Trumpets” (three trumpets in Bb and three trumpets in C), the perfect companion to the eight “Epic Horns” of the Brass II Collection.

Vienna Dimension Brass I & 2 features four well-rehearsed ensembles of four brass players each. The players were recorded in groups, but with dedicated microphones for each instrument, resulting in a homogenous ensemble sound while still allowing direct access to each voice. What’s more, Vienna Dimension Brass II includes a unique ensemble of four Wagner tubas that you’ll scarcely find on any other library! These rare instruments were originally created for Wagner’s famous epic opera cycle “Der Ring des Nibelungen”.

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