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[announcement] Vienna Ensemble Pro 4.0.4834 (Public Beta)
Last post Mon, Jan 25 2010 by jvdieks, 24 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Jan 19 2010 18:10
by Jack Weaver
Joined on Sat, Mar 27 2004, Tucson, AZ, Posts 391

OK, I get what you mean. Thanks

Mac Master:
2010 Mac Pro 12-core. 3.46GHz, 64 GB RAM, OSX 10.12.3, Logic Pro X 10.3.1 ,VEP5, SSD system drive, etc.

PC Slave:
12-core e5650, 48 GB RAM, Win7, MIR Pro/VEP5, SSD system drive
Posted on Thu, Jan 21 2010 22:22
by markus_30526
Joined on Wed, Sep 05 2007, Germany, Posts 14


I'm very happy to see that VE Pro available as RTAS Plugin now. I tested the current beta and bought it, because it seems currently the best alternative to me for getting most out of my 64Bit Windows DAW with Pro Tools. 

VE Pro works ok on my DAW, but it could be better. I have some issues with crackling sound on latency buffer sizes smaller that 512 and sometimes connection problems between VE-Pro Plugin und Server.

Here are some technical facts of my DAW.

PC with Abit IP35 Mainboard, Intel E8200 Dual-Core 2,72Ghz, 8GB RAM, ca. 2TB HDD Space.
Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Ultimate 
Pro Tools LE 8.0.3 (which is currently also beta for use on Win7 x64)
Digidesign MBox2 Mini and Soniccore Scope Audio-Interfaces.

Currently I use VE Pro only on 1 computer, this means VE-Pro Server and Client runs on the same computer connected through localhost (

With latency settings smaller than 512 and 2 buffer setting in VE, I hear crackling sounds on playback. With VE-Pro as active window are more noises and crackle sounds as with Pro Tools as the active window. 
When I set the buffer setting in VE Pro to 1, the same amount of noisy sounds, but then often the VE Pro RTAS plugin looses connection to VE-Server.

Maybe, there is something wrong with the VE buffer. In Pro Tools I can show the amount of latency of a channel. Then I set to 1 buffer, it shows me the amount of 1 x Audiocard latency. For example, when I set my audiocard to 256 samples, it shows me 256 as latency. But when I set to 2 buffers in VE Pro,  Pro Tools measured the same latency as with 1 buffer.
The same latency with 1 and 2 buffer setting in VE Pro, is this right?



Posted on Sat, Jan 23 2010 19:53
by jvdieks
Joined on Thu, Aug 20 2009, Posts 41
when i load big templates, my VE pro loses connection all the time also.. i think it's primarily when saving in cubase.

windows XP on the main computer
Win 7 64-bit on the slave

*edit* with the track i'm workin on now this happends really EVERY TIME cubase saves. I've got 2 ensemble plugins running in cubase, connected to two 64-bit instances. everytime i save at least 1 of the 2 loses connection. this is really super annoying because reloading the templates takes about 8 minutes..
Posted on Mon, Jan 25 2010 09:47
by jvdieks
Joined on Thu, Aug 20 2009, Posts 41
the strange thing is that the template isn't unloaded on the slave, while the main computer isn't connected anymore.

The template gets unloaded when i reload it from the main or quit cubase.
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