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Product Overview
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Passion in Every Detail

With more than six millions of samples and an unprecedented variety of articulations with nuanced details, the Vienna Symphonic Library helps you create the most realistic renderings of your musical ideas. With Vienna Symphonic Library products you can go anywhere, from solo pieces to large cinematic orchestras, from intimate chamber music to jazz, pop and dance, from the baroque to the avant-garde.

The flexibility, authenticity, musicality and sound quality of our products are just a few reasons why Oscar and Emmy winning composers, Grammy winning artists and music producers all over the globe, including hobbyists and music educators, rely on Vienna Symphonic Library.

Product Overview

The SYNCHRON SERIES ushers in a new era for Vienna Symphonic Library by combining extraordinary musicianship, engineering, recording technology and software innovation with the exceptional acoustics of one of the best-sounding scoring stages on the planet. All libraries of the SYNCHRON PACKAGE were played by members of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, recorded at our own Synchron Stage Vienna by top engineers, and backed by decade-long sampling experience – these products are about to set new standards in sound, playability and realism. Synchron Series libraries rely on the Vienna Synchron Player (or the Synchron Piano player for piano libraries) that comes with any Synchron Series Collection, free of charge.

Large Scoring Stage Synchron Stage Vienna: Empty Stage A

Synchron Stage Vienna – Stage A

The VI SERIES represents the ultimate symbiosis of our easy-to-use Vienna Instruments® software player with a perfectly matched, inconceivably vast array of samples. All included products were recorded in the relatively dry environment of our Silent Stage. With our reverberation software Vienna MIR Pro and the optional RoomPack 6 you may enrich these instruments and ensembles with the exceptional ambience of our own scoring stage –  Synchron Stage Vienna. This way the products of the VI SERIES and SYNCHRON SERIES will merge into one unifying acoustic space. Using other MIR RoomPacks or the MIRx convolution reverb extensions for the Vienna Instruments player you can place your VI Series instruments in all kinds of other rooms, from studios to concert halls to churches.

Silent Stage violin recordings

Violin Recordings at the Silent Stage

The STARTER EDITIONS include our most popular entry-level packages: The SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions, as well as the Vienna Smart OrchestraVienna Smart Spheres and Vienna Smart Hits. They offer a cross-section of our three million sample archive and cover the full orchestra and more in resource-saving, affordable packages. What’s more, with a wealth of possibilities for upgrades and expansions you may benefit from major discounts.

In the SOFTWARE category you find our proprietary sample player Vienna Instruments Pro, the mixing and host software Vienna Ensemble Pro, the first ever whole-mixing and reverberation software Vienna MIR Pro with its optional RoomPacks and the plug-in bundles Vienna Suite and Vienna Suite Pro.

Listen to the Music

Click on a track in the playlist on the left or listen to hundreds of pieces in our MUSIC section for even more evidence of the wide spectrum of styles and settings our instruments can bring to life.