• Bolero
  • "Rite of Spring" Part 1 complete
  • "Rite of Spring" Part 2 complete
  • Adventures on Earth
  • Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
  • Holberg Suite - Prelude
  • Adagio For Strings
  • Anaheim Appassionatas
  • In a sentimental mood
  • Quiet City (Trumpet)

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Vienna Instruments

Vienna Instruments® are the ultimate blend of easy-to-use software and an inconceivably vast array of samples.

Since the year 2000, we have sampled every instrument of the symphonic orchestra, and many more, to the utmost detail. For a single instrument, like the solo violin of our Solo Strings I Collection, it took more than one year of ongoing recording sessions in our custom-built studio facility, the Silent Stage, to produce over 40,000 flawless samples – an unprecedented amount of nuanced articulations, not available elsewhere. Today, the Vienna Super Package that contains every instrument we’re offering, includes more than three million samples.

The huge quantity and variety of articulations with nuanced details, enhanced by the seamless integration with the Vienna Instruments sample player helps you create the most realistic renderings of your composition.

The flexibility, authenticity, musicality and sound quality of our samples are just a few reasons why Oscar and Emmy winning composers, Grammy winning artists and music producers all over the globe, including hobbyists and music educators, rely on Vienna Instruments as well as on other software innovations such as Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna MIR Pro.

Click on a track in the playlist on the left or listen to hundreds of pieces in our MUSIC section for even more evidence of the wide spectrum of styles and settings our instruments can bring to life. With Vienna Instruments, you can go anywhere, from solo pieces to large cinematic orchestras, from intimate chamber music to jazz, pop and dance, from the baroque to the avant-garde.

Vienna Instruments Basic View

Vienna Instruments User Interface

Silent Stage violin recordings

Violin Recordings at the Silent Stage

Herbie Hancock + Symphonic Cube

Herbie Hancock and his Symphonic Cube