At a glance

The Vienna Symphonic Library team consists of about 30 permanent staff members and more than 100 musicians who have been producing samples at full blast since its foundation.

A major part of the team are our highly specialized Recording and Editing Engineers who guard and examine the quality of the samples from recording at the “Silent Stage” up to the final product. For that, it doesn't simply take a fine ear but also good musical judgement.

The Project Management as well as the Marketing & Sales Team pull the strings in production, which comprises conception and strategy decisions as well as project coordination and sales. Luckily, it is not all paperwork!

Here one can feel the heartbeat of the company: The Support and IT Teams take care of our customers on a daily basis, and sometimes around the clock. The Software Department not only continues to develop our innovative products, but also adapts them to new platforms and operating systems.

Last but certainly not least, the ambitious Vienna Symphonic Library could never have come true without the help of all those top musicians from the Synchron Stage Orchestra, who for years on end had to play perfect single notes in our specially built “Silent Stage” and our own scoring stage "Synchron Stage Vienna". It takes lots of dedication to play notes without music again and again …