Recording & Editing

Thomas Böck
Junior Editing Engineer

Thomas Bick

After many years of musical education at the Musisches Zentrum, Thomas studied Audio Production at the SAE Institute in Vienna and Hamburg and is currently doing the Masters' Program 'Digital Media Technologies'. Besides the Vienna Symphonic Library, he's working as a recording engineer for several artists and productions and likes to escape for small tours as technician or musician whenever given the chance.

Konrad Glas
Editing Engineer


Servus beinand! As the first Bavarian at VSL I have been taking care of the necessary quota of Bavarian veal sausage (or "white sausage", as we call it) and plaid shirts since April 2014.

After finishing secondary school in Passau I came to Vienna to study sound engineering. In 2013, I completed my studies after stopping over for a while at the Banff centre in Canada.

When I'm not working as an editor at VSL, I pass my time with sound design for films, music recordings, programming and playing the violin.

Claudia Hula
Editing Engineer


I was born in 1966 right into the world of music, being the daughter of a trumpeter. Early recorder training soon enabled me to participate in the family’s music making at home. Sounds of trumpet, zither and guitar, a brother learning percussion and six years of piano training influenced my youth’s sensory perceptions – still, I decided not to become a musician.

In 1987 I graduated at the college for fashion and clothing design, dept. applied arts, passed my trade test in embroidery, and began to study art history.

In 1990 my daughter Florentina was born, followed by my son Max in 1991. In 1997 I married the artistic director of VSL.

Since 1989 I have been working as a free-lance artisan, but always with an ear on music.

In 2001 I began to work as an editor for VSL. Here I have the chance to test my hearing, and how much endurance and precision from my work as an artisan benefit me in editing.

Michael Hula
Artistic Director, Recording Director


With 6, started piano lessons at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna, with 14 founded his first music group, since 1977 participation in various band contests, first recordings from 1980 on, studied double bass at the Vienna Conservatory, from 1984 on at the Vienna Music School, 1985 founding member of the “Wiener Kammerphilharmonie” – as double bass soloist 1987 member of the “Gustav Mahler – Jugendorchester” ,from 1985 on, several CD recordings (Mozart, Schoenberg, Beethoven, etc …), substitute for the “Wiener Kammerorchester”, the “Symphonieorchester der Wiener Volksoper”, the “Vienna Symphonic Orchestra” and for the “Symphonieorchester Vorarlberg”, since 1986 world-wide tours with the “Wiener Kammerphilharmonie” (Japan, USA, South America, concerts in all European musical centers (Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc …), subscription concert series – “Wiener Kammerphilharmonie” in the Wiener Musikverein concerts at the Salzburg Festival and the “Schubertiade”, several tours in Austria, since 1991 working in Vienna as a soloist, 1993 setting up his own studio – first compositions and arrangements, 1997 first CD production of his own, since 1999 film music projects for the McLaren-Mercedes formula-I Team, 2000 founding member of the „Vienna Symphonic Library“, working as recording manager and artistic director.

Johannes Kirsch
Junior Editing Engineer

Johannes Kirsch

In 1992 I saw the light of day in the Swabian metropolis Stuttgart and grew up in a picturesque wine village called Kleinbottwar. Once I discovered classical music in the form of the cello at the age of four, about ten years later it was followed by a long-time detour into the endless widths of electronic music. The opportunity of an internship with a violin maker in St.Pölten eventually led me to Austria and back to the musical roots.

First I completed an apprenticeship as a stringed instrument builder, and later on a sound engineering training to gain a fundamental knowledge apart from diverse musical projects.

Since always in my life everything was about music, the possibility to be able to work in the Vienna Symphonic Library came just right and 2016 this chapter finally began, in which I now already have written some lines in terms of fades, tonal adjustments and others technical trickery.

Max Kubicek
Junior Editing Engineer

Max Kubicek

Grown up in a family of musicians, I quickly realized that music is indispensable in my life. First experiences, I collected at the “Wiener Volksoper”, where I participated in various productions over several years, as a child. This changed quickly as soon as the first guitar found the way into my hands.

From this day on there followed several years of musicalizing and the choice of a musical school branch. Beginning in the school band the first independent band projects and recording attempts soon developed. I then gained a deeper insight into the sound processing on the computer, through a college at the “Deutsche Pop”.

Rumiana Maier
Chief Editing Engineer


I was born in 1977 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

When I was 3, I ordered a violin from Santa Claus, but was told that elfs did not specialise in such things, and that I should contact a luthier.

At last, with 5 ½, I was allowed to go to music school to learn the violin and get ear training.

I finished music school in Plovdiv and with 18 came to Vienna in order to study viola at the music university. 4 years later I switched to master studies in sound engineering, where in Winter 2000 I found an ad on the notice board that VSL was searching for sample editors.

Between 1995 and 2004 I worked as a free-lance violist and participated in various music productions, chamber music ensembles, orchestras and theatre productions.

Meanwhile - with a few breaks - I've been with VSL for over 12 years. In between I gave birth to my daughter Laura (2007) and my son Simon (2010), and in September, 2012 graduated from master studies in International Business Administration at the University of Vienna.

Gudrun Marquardt
Chief Editing Engineer


I inherited my love of music from my mother, a passionate musician, and my fascination with mouse-clicking and tangles of cables came from my father, an engineer. So I already had some of the qualifications required for working here. Music is the most important thing in all aspects of my life. Professionally, here in VSL, as well as privately, where I focus completely on Irish folk music; as a singer (in the band Blackbush, among others) and as a dancer in the Irish Dance Center Vienna (http://www.idcv.at).

Dominik Mauss
Editing Engineer

Dominik Mauss

My musical education started with instrumental class in secondary school focusing on the piano.

After my finals in 2013 and a semester of engineering, I decided to build the fundamentals for my passion for audio technology by becoming an audio engineer.

Only a few months after I got my degree, I heard of a job advertisement of VSL and I knew: That’s my chance to turn my passion into my job and to contribute to this amazing company.

Bernd Mazagg
Chief Recording Engineer


The technical director of the unique Synchron Stage Vienna is a specialist when it comes to capturing the sound of delicate and glorious orchestral scores. His latest projects include recordings for ‘Ghost in the Shell’, ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ and National Geographic’s series ‘Genius’. He also recorded the orchestral score for Ron Howard’s thriller ‘Inferno’ and the soundtrack for the Golden Globe winning Netflix series ‘The Crown’.

After a short excursion into the field of physics and astronomy, Mazagg decided to dive into the intricacies of audio engineering and quickly moved on to be chief recording engineer for the Vienna Symphonic Library. Mazagg was involved in many independent and pop music projects and is also an avid drummer.

André Müller
Editing Engineer


  • Studies at HTL Brugg-Windisch, graduated with a diploma in electronics 1991
  • Studies at the American Institute of Music in Vienna, professional diploma 1994
  • Music College Luzern – Dept. Jazz & Composition, diploma 1997

Solo project aNDREmu, further information: www.andremu.com

Thomas Meitz
Head of Editing Department


Ten years at music school learning guitar (in Leibnitz, Styria). Five years in a school band, production of records. Various pop bands. One year at the conservatory in Graz (Styria), nine years studying guitar and sound recording at the University for Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna. Various guitar seminars at home and abroad.

Andreas Olszewski
Editing Engineer, Notation Specialist, Support


College studies in MultiMediaArt (majoring in audiovisual engineering) in Salzburg. Graduated in 2000. Eight years of percussion and three years of composition at the music school Musikschulwerk in Salzburg. Played with various rock bands, percussion ensembles and a youth orchestra. Composition studies at the Vienna Conservatory, graduated in 2010. PC hardware editor for the computer magazine E-Media, 2000–2002. Editing and support engineer, as well as "notation appointee" for the Vienna Symphonic Library since 2002. Composer, arranger and producer. www.andreasolszewski.at

Martin Pauser
Editing Engineer


Martin Pauser was born in 1981 in Vienna and had his first encounters with sampling and MIDI when he was 13; however, he was somewhat disappointed with the limited possibilities and the quality of the sounds. Still, he stayed true to music and graduated in sound engineering at the technical university and the art university in Graz/Styria. At the beginning of 2012 he mastered in innovation and technology management in Vienna. He has been a team member of the Vienna Symphonic Library since 2002. Being a guitarist, he also recorded a major part of the “Overdrive” Collection. At the Silent Stage, nearly all recorded samples go through his hands (or ears) before being released for further processing.

Apart from his work for the Vienna Symphonic Library he regularly goes on stage, playing guitar and bass for the bands “Zweitfrau” and “Friek”, with some success in Austria as well as abroad, e.g., as a support act for Pink, Silbermond, Revolverheld, Mia, Sunrise Avenue and Mika. Apart from that, he teaches acoustics, electrical engineering, MIDI and sampling at a school for sound engineers.

Josefine Riedel
Editing Engineer


Born 1990 in the border triangle of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, I was drawn towards music very early. Eleven years of violin training were rewarded with competitions, the participation in an international youth orchestra, and various orchestra tours. As an adolescent I worked after school in order to be able to finance my first classical singing lessons. Later I went to Vienna, studied opera singing, and among other things began to record samples with the Vienna Symphonic Library's choir.

Since I wanted to extend my musical horizon with technical know-how, I trained as an Audio Engineer at SAE, which also brought me into contact with ENG at ZDF and various theater and live productions.

Currently I am very happy to be able to work as an editor at the Vienna Symphonic Library. At the same time, I'm studying for my Bachelor degree in Audio Production.

Günter Schiebeck
Editing Engineer


  • School band BG Mürzzuschlag/Styria
  • Music school guitar/bass
  • Studied jazz bass in Vienna

Orchestra tours in China, various recording productions, musical productions at Volkstheater, Stadttheater, Casanova Revuetheater

Florian Spies
Editing Engineer


Since I started playing the piano with 6, the trumpet with 8 and the trombone a bit later, when I was 12 I naturally wanted to build a little home studio and produce funny hip-hop beats.

With 15, after a very intense time as young jazz trombone player, I already had attended several sound engineering workshops when I learned that it was possible to study sound engineering at the music university, which I began with 18. For being a professional jazz musician wasn't so appealing after all. ;-)

Since then, my passion as a sound engineer has been dedicated entirely to the recording of acoustic music in spaces and places, preferably orchestral and – small wonder – jazz music in all its forms. Plus I often and gladly do music for silent movies!

I really was very happy when I found a place at that cool company VSL while I was still studying. Lots of nice colleagues I enjoy working together with, and a great product into the bargain which I also use in my private time, so that I am not only an employee but also an end user – an extremely good feeling!

So, at the moment I'm focussing on this work as well as on my numerous sound recordings and my participation in 3 bands as trombonist, composer and arranger. Anyway, I like to take a peek at everything, be it composing jingles, sound director for school musicals, orchestral pop productions (Conchita Wurst, Father Ray Kelly, etc.), or just having an intensive go at topics such as 3D audio without "having to" for university.

Bernhard Swietly
Editing Engineer


Thanks to my violin studies and subsequent studies to become a sound recordist I developed a good ear, which has proved to be exactly what’s required for the work with the Vienna Symphonic Library. Experience with orchestras and working in teams on recording sessions are also assets which help me to do the job well.

Markus Wallner
Recording Engineer


Soon after I was born I was forced to learn first the flute, then the piano and later, to the distress of all concerned, the violin as well. (In an act of teenage rebellion I then switched to the viola). I then decided to become an electrician and attended technical school, which paid off inasmuch as I don’t try to plug microphones into wall sockets. After a brief intermezzo as a military fiddler in the Austrian guards I changed my mind about becoming a lorry driver and moved instead from Lower Austria to Vienna, registered at the University of Music there to study as a sound recordist (minoring in viola and piano (it was some use after all)) and expect to graduate any minute now.
So I’ve been floating around Austria as a freelance sound recordist for several years now and the only reason I ended up at the Vienna Symphonic Library is that nearly all my colleagues are working here and there’s nobody left to go for a beer with in the evenings (that showed them!!).

Patrick Weber
Junior Editing Engineer

Patrick Weber

The interest in music has existed since my childhood. At first I only listened to it, then I began to write songs by myself and finally I wondered how the technology behind it works.

At the age of 13 I learned to play the guitar and two years later I played in my first band. In the course of time I became increasingly interested in music software, particularly in software synthesizers and virtual instruments. I learned the basics with the help of tutorials and free music courses on the internet. In order to enhance my knowledge on analog equipment too, I decided to attend the sound engineering course at the SAE Institute in Vienna.

By working as an editor at the Vienna Symphonic Library I am able to take a glimpse behind the scenes of the development of software instruments. Besides the work at the VSL I’m producing music for other bands. Furthermore I play the Guitar in my band called “Hardram".

Martin Weismayr
Chief Editing Engineer


Martin Weismayr entered into this world in the middle of the car lot of a second-hand car dealer in Hoechst, Vorarlberg, Austria, near the tranquil shores of lake Constance.

At the age of four he set his sights on becoming a famous musician. However, sadly his first attempts were hampered when his parents forced him to join the local football club instead. Fortunately though (for both sides) this foray was short lived.  At 15 he was reunited with his desires and actually went as far as getting his first guitar, an instrument which soon became a much needed creative outlet, as once again he was coerced, under threat of starvation, into becoming an apprentice car mechanic. Having learned very little about cars and to this day unable to tell the difference between a spanner and a jar of peanut butter, a sigh of relief could be heard from many car owners when he made the final decision to dedicate his life to music at the age of 20.

At this point he packed his bags and headed for Vienna, the capital of music!

Martin went on to play with various bands, from pop to funk, soul and jazz and in clubs and venues throughout Europe, on cruise ships and – on the streets. He is also passionate about sound engineering, which due to its nature often gets him depressed enough to write songs! Though fortunately for the rest of mankind it has been some time since this has occurred.