• Magical Dust (Vol 1 & Vol 1 Plus)
  • Chloe's Daydream (Vol 1, no convolution reverb)
  • Royal Affair (Vol 1)
  • Birth of a Vampire (Vol 1)
  • Candyman (Vol 1)
  • Le Passerelle (Vol 1, Concert D-274 Solo)
  • Foto's yn't Foarut (Vol 1, Concert D-274 Solo)
  • The Markhor (Vol 1, with FX Presets)
  • Sonder (Vol 1 PLUS)
  • SL_Flying_Frigatebirds (Vol 2)
  • Under the Big Top (Vol 2)

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Synchron Series Collection

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Joe Kraemer
SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions Bundle


  • Large-scale orchestra package at an affordable price
  • 125 solo instruments and ensembles
  • Completely re-edited, improved and expanded sample database
  • Optimized for our free, easy-to-use Vienna Synchron Player
  • Outstanding ambience of Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Less than €8 per instrument
  • Production-ready sound, out of the box

This Bundle includes all SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Volumes at a reduced price, when compared to purchasing them separately.


The SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Bundle delivers a large-scale orchestra with a staggering 125 instruments and ensembles, with a broad range of playing techniques. It’s a powerhouse of symphonic variety in a resource-saving, affordable package. All sounds work perfectly in all musical styles, from pop and rock environments to large symphonic arrangements.

The strings offer a wide variety of choices and timbres, from solo instruments to small ensembles, regular ensemble sizes and to very large string sections, played with and without sordino (muted). Choose from more than 35 different string presets to get started right away!

All woodwinds are available as two different solo instruments and as ensembles of three musicians. All possible secondary instruments that a modern, large orchestra might include are present as well, from the piccolo clarinet to the bass oboe.

The brass instruments include two different solo instruments of horns and trumpets as well as two section sizes of up to eight musicians. A host of secondary instruments rounds out the massive brass section, e.g., six instruments that belong to the trumpet family and four different types of tubas.




The percussion portion offers two different sets of instruments – our classic, relatively dry recordings from the Silent Stage, as well as the essential drum and percussion instruments (including timpani) that were recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna, showcasing the ambience of one of the best scoring stages on the planet.

A real gem of the SYCHRON-ized Special Editions is the new Synchron Concert D-274 "Light", our beautiful Steinway & Sons D-274 recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna, with 30 velocities. What’s more, you’ll find six more keyboard instruments, choir, solo voices and plucked instruments in this exuberant collection of instruments.


Pianos & other keyed instruments

FX Presets

Attention users of our VI Special Editions, we’ve added new instruments to the SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions:
Solo violin 2, solo cello 2, Synchron Concert D-274, clarinet in Bb 2, trumpet in Bb muted, Synchron Timpani, Synchron Drums, Synchron Cymbals & Gongs, harmonium, prepared piano, upright bass, Vienna Solo Voices. Take advantage of our super-low crossgrade prices!

Included Volumes:

Volume 1 – Essential Orchestra
Volume 1 PLUS – Articulation Expansion to Volume 1
Volume 2 – Extended Orchestra
Volume 2 PLUS – Articulation Expansion to Volume 2
Volume 3 – Appassionata & Muted Strings
Volume 4 – Special Winds, Choir & Solo Voices

Please find a complete list of all included instruments here.

Sample Amount 283,312
Download File Size 65.1 GB
Installed File Size 176.8 GB