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VE Pro 5, Kontakt 5: Distorted Audio during Tempo Changes
Last post Thu, Feb 25 2016 by Trailerman, 85 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Sep 07 2015 21:44
by samphony
Joined on Mon, Apr 10 2006, Posts 77
I have No issues in LPX , Studio One, Ableton Live.
Posted on Thu, Sep 10 2015 20:33
by rockdude9k
Joined on Fri, Oct 05 2012, Posts 1

I've found another form of a work around.  (dare I call it a fix)


I have an insanely large template 1000+ instruments spread accros 6 VEP instances.  I found that not all of the 6 instances were getting CPU spikes during tempo ramps.


I then narrowed it down further by disabling external sync in Kontakt to find specific kontakt instruments that would cause spikes.  I found that in my case Action Strings were causing the spike.  If I removed them - I no longer have spikes during tempo changes.


So I'm going to go through my whole template and find patches that are tempo sync'd and causing this spike issue.  I'll then place them on a seperate VEP which I'll know to disable if I'm gonna have a tempo ramp.


I'll just have to learn to not write with those specific patches during a cue with a tempo ramp. But this way it frees up the rest of my 1000 instruments and "quarenteens" the few problem children.


I'd be curious to see if this helps anyone else.

Posted on Sat, Sep 12 2015 01:32
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1807

I have things which do not cause a problem at all, with extensive tempo track changes. I verified the Scarbee Clav., which went nuts. I needed sync for one project and Sonic Couture Broken Wurli was a slight problem in spots. Now, a workaround for me is easier because I don't have any midi track set to musical time; the timeline is warped to what the music is rather than to change tempo for tracks. So, I just deleted the tempo markers where there was a little bit of breakup. Interestingly enough, there weren't but a few spots where this occurred. I eliminated all other possible causes and those deletions cured it. So I wonder about a purported fix by NI as it isn't a SNAFU with Cubase sync + Kontakt delay per se. 

MacBook Pro 16,1: 2.3 GHz 8-core i9
64GB 2667MHz DDR4
OSX 10.15.7
VE Pro 7.1056, Cubase Pro 11.0.0
Posted on Sat, Sep 12 2015 01:39
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1807

I was experiencing the problem with jump changes in the tempo track, NB.

MacBook Pro 16,1: 2.3 GHz 8-core i9
64GB 2667MHz DDR4
OSX 10.15.7
VE Pro 7.1056, Cubase Pro 11.0.0
Posted on Thu, Feb 25 2016 20:25
by Trailerman
Joined on Wed, Jun 14 2006, Manchester, UK, Posts 609

What are people now doing in order to avoid glitches with Cubase/Nuendo tempo changes?

I have an orchestral track which needs lots of tempo changes and every time Cubase/Nuendo hits a tempo change node, I get CPU overs and glitches.  I've even had the odd crash.

I'm using VE Pro servers on 3 different systems, albeit with Kontakt instances only running on 2 systems (probably about 70 Kontakt instances total).  Do I need to go through every Kontakt instance and disable ext tempo sync for each one, and will that do the trick?

Many thanks for any help.


System 1:

Windows 7 64bit
16 core, 3.4GHz E5-2687W, 128GB Ram,
Nuendo 6.5 / Nuendo 7.020 / Cubase 7.5 / Cubase Pro 8
Motu 2408 Mk III x 3

System 2:

Mac Pro Mid 2010
12 core, 3GHz, 32GB Ram,
OS 10.7.4
Seagate ES and Intel Solid State Drives
ProTools HDX, 11.3
Digidesign 192 Interfaces x6

System 3:

CPU: 2xIntel W5580 Xeon Nehalem S1366
Motherboard: Supermicro X8DT3-LN4F
RAM: 96GB ECC RAM in SUPERO 4GB modules (ECC-R DR340LER13)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Audio Hardware: RME HDSPe AIO PCIe
Hard Drives: 2x1.5TG Seagate ES (SATA)
1x2TB Seagate ES (SATA)
1x1.5TB Seagate ES (SAS)
MIDI: Midi Over Lan CP 3
Output Format: Stereo
Sample Rate: 44.1KHz clocked from external wordclock master
Graphics: Gainward 9500GT 512MB PCIe

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