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Posted on Wed, Dec 06 2017 14:07
by chrisr
Joined on Mon, Feb 18 2008, Posts 2

Oki doke, thanks for the info, and for the lightening quick reply!



Posted on Sun, Jan 21 2018 02:54
by Synetos
Joined on Mon, Jun 22 2015, USA, Posts 120

Originally Posted by: Paul Go to Quoted Post

Hi Chris, 

Improving VE PRO as an external FX-Rack is still on our plate, but not with a high priority, I have to say. 


I think this is really short sighted, and a huge missed opprtunity and revenue stream. The market is hungry for this kind of software solution.

Do you guys not realize how easily you could have a standalone product that would basically lead the charge for offloading plugins to a local host or multiple slave machines that the user wants to turn into a DSP server? 

Why not split it out and make it a whole new product? You have the technology 90% of the way there already. IF you split it into a new product, you could recode the hurdles in VEP that are holding you back. 

You could make products like Waves SoundGrid DSP Servers a thing of the past, or at least offer another viable option. 

PLEASE! Think about this again!

Studio One v5 (Nuendo 11/Cubase v11/Reaper v6/Logic)

DAW:i7 10700K/32gb VEP:i9 7980XE OC at 3.6ghz/128gb

Waves eMotion LV1/64 - Digigrid IOX's - Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server
Posted on Thu, Feb 15 2018 15:18
by Theodore Mandylas
Joined on Tue, Feb 06 2018, Posts 3


This would be one of my primary uses for VEP...finding this topic whilst trying to work it out has been very disappointing for me, and now I'm not sure if i'll buy VEPro this month...

one thing at least, it's useful for reverbs as is, my main concern being the very heavy but truly excellent waves h reverb and abbey road plates.

But, even insert plugins like waves butch vig vocals have ridiculous cpu usage and i'd love to use VEP as a dedicated fx processor.

Please reconsider

Sincerely, T.

Posted on Tue, Feb 27 2018 09:35
by Arlanda
Joined on Thu, Jan 19 2012, Posts 22

Using Vepro as an FX rack is waited by many users ! Logic and all Daws would work smoothly ! Mac users could buy cheaper slave PC to run all kind of plugins...please make it happen !

Posted on Tue, Feb 27 2018 20:30
by digitalson
Joined on Tue, Feb 27 2018, Posts 8
I thought you can use VST plugins from the slave to the host already?
Posted on Thu, Mar 08 2018 11:00
by Michael Park
Joined on Wed, Mar 07 2018, uk , Posts 1

This is exactly why I bought VE pro  so I can use my MBP with a second one running reverbs so I can finnish mixes while working on the road. All the marketing sugested  this was alredy a feature.

Posted on Sun, Mar 11 2018 05:32
by digitalson
Joined on Tue, Feb 27 2018, Posts 8
I asked the very same question and was wondering if a faster ethernet connection Woodworks a like 5 gig or 10 gig ethernet will be able to use a slave computer to do insert processing and hook up external gear as well as plugins on a slave computer that would be fantastic
Posted on Mon, Mar 19 2018 16:32
by Guy CT
Joined on Mon, Feb 22 2016, Posts 1

+1 for using VEP as a virtual effects rack. It is working in DP 8.7 but it is very clumsy to offset the latency. The Waves Soundgrid system may be stealing your potential customers...

Posted on Tue, Mar 20 2018 09:07
by TommyCo10
Joined on Tue, Feb 13 2018, Posts 6
Using Logic Pro X, I am able to workaround this to run my masterbus series plugin chain via VEP6 (Virtual console modelling plug, bus compressor, EQ and a couple of styles of limiter- all in high quality mode).

As this chain of plugins usually operate in series, on a single bus, Logiic Pro X isn’t able to separate this out as several tasks for multithreaded processing, so I’m often in a situation where I’m topping out a single processor, whilst the other 7 operate at around 10% .

By sending my entire mix and the output of any auxiliary tracks or VI outputs to an auxilary bus in Logic, I can then use the Vienna Ensemble input plugin to send it back to VE Pro 6, to run my masterbus effects chain which seems to be much more efficient on processor load. To get the sound back into Logic, I then need to set up another Instrument track which I route to my output 1&2 channels. The routing is very messy and in this instance could be improved by creating a single ‘insert point’ plug, which simply allows you to choose where you want the audio to go, and where you want the audio to come back from.

As I’m only using this for mixing, added latency or latency reporting isn’t too much of an issue as every element of my mix is going the same way, (so no timing issues), but I can see the engineering challenge if people wanted to use VEP6 as a host for several independent FX racks or want to use it live.

I think it’s worth persevering with as the benefits of having this functionality are HUGE. Is this still planned in development?

Until then, I would be happy with the ‘insert point’ routing plugin... if you wanted to provide some less convoluted routing options in the iterim!

Posted on Tue, May 15 2018 13:33
by aluntay
Joined on Sun, Nov 08 2015, Posts 1
Just wanted to add a +1 to this feature request/new product.

I’d buy it instantly and I think any company who can bring this to market in a slick way will clean up.
Posted on Thu, May 24 2018 22:04
by Electricjuiz
Joined on Thu, May 24 2018, Posts 7

Believe me! It should be! 

Posted on Wed, Nov 07 2018 23:05
by nobleronin
Joined on Thu, Sep 26 2013, Posts 1

I've been using VEP6 as the dedicated FX rack via LAN network in the mixdown phase and it works great.  When tracking and during session work I use FX placed directly on tracks themselves.  The VEP becomes my FX rack after I'm ready to mix, at which point I find the latency amount and use delay compensation to line everything back up. 

Being that sometimes DAW's can introduce latency internally I'm not sure how they would compensate that in realtime here but if you're satisfied routing instruments to and from the network VEP server app I don't think you'll have much of an issue on the FX side. 

Posted on Sat, Nov 17 2018 11:32
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1793

It looks like Logic users believe the way VE Pro returns to Logic is how it is for all.
It isn't. I've been using VE Pro in the Audio Input mode for years. It's not convoluted in Cubendo.

With an instance up and running, you establish an FX instance and you send the audio - or the Instrument Channel from VE Pro or anything which is de facto an audio channel - and it comes back like VE Pro comes back; in a new Instrument Channel or channels as determined in the VST Rack. It's not convoluted per se. I don't think VSL can make Logic not be Logic here. Maybe AU3 will be meaningful here, I don't know. I don't use Logic today and this is one reason why.

MacBook Pro 16,1: 2.3 GHz 8-core i9
64GB 2667MHz DDR4
OSX 10.15.6
VE Pro 7, Cubase Pro 11.0.0
Posted on Sat, Dec 29 2018 21:35
Joined on Thu, Nov 16 2017, Posts 24

I find that VE Po 6 works well for instruments and fx from a remote pc using Studio One 4. As I have read here, using compressors, de-esser, etc., inserted into tracks seems to be an issue. Has there been any progress in this area? Most of these post are over a year old. Inserting processing into a channel was one of the reasons I purchased VE Pro 6. Also, does anyone use Studio One 4 with the VEPro? If so, can you share any templates in the setup you use with VE Pro? Thanks

Posted on Thu, Jun 06 2019 14:17
by centillion
Joined on Sat, Jun 01 2019, Posts 2

This is also a main reason why I purchased VEPro, and I can't help but think that if there were an additional VEPro VST wrapper just like the existing one, but that can be used as an insert rather than as an instrument, that would solve it. Is that even possible?

I realize this thread is quite old, but would be great to hear if something like this is still under consideration. Thanks!

Posted on Thu, Jun 06 2019 15:15
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1793

Latency isn't so much the issue, it's compensated for, but if you do very much of this the round-trip of it all tends to be more taxing than the primary use of VE Pro. If all you have in the project is audio it's not that bad, if you're doing MIDI to instruments host in VEP you can run into management of resources.

MacBook Pro 16,1: 2.3 GHz 8-core i9
64GB 2667MHz DDR4
OSX 10.15.6
VE Pro 7, Cubase Pro 11.0.0
Posted on Sat, Nov 09 2019 08:58
by snavid
Joined on Thu, Nov 07 2019, Posts 1

Hi everyone, first post here and happy to be a part of this community!
I have been reading a lot, taking notes and testing the keyless demo (brillant move by the way!), and I'm figuring out how to use VEP 7 as an FX Rack - as inserts. 
I know VEP is for composers and virtual instruments but I feel this is the absolute perfect program for my needs if I can use a slave or multiple slaves to process my heavy FX's (like Acustica Audio's Acquas and Nebula, etc), reverbs and of course VSTi's !
I feel that I'm not alone in this situation and was wondering if anything is planned to have a simple plugin as an insert for VEP ? The send and return method is very cumbersome for dynamics, emulation, eq's etc ! Well yes, it was not meant to bu used that way...
Well if anything is planned this could a huge game changer for many people that are in my situation! 
Any thoughts? 

Posted on Sun, Dec 08 2019 13:59
by igbro
Joined on Wed, Apr 17 2019, Posts 2

I'm strongly waiting this also to be able to deport those heavy Acutstica great sounding but CPU killer plugins.

The insert trick will not work in Cubase due to de VSTi nature of the VEP plugin witch can't be inserted in an audio track. So bound to return to instument tracks :-(

Adding a VST (fx) dll, vst3 (fx) or AU (fx)... for VEP return would be the solution. With the capacity of returning any choosen (pair of) ouput track(s) of the selected instance (FX or Instrument why not?). This seems no so hard to implement, it's the reverse path of the VEP audio plugin.

Maybe we could have to choose between two kinds of instances, Intrument or FX but this not seems necessary with the idea above of the "universal" returning plugin witch would allow very flexible routing capabilities, even for instruments.


Also, speaking of Acustica, VEP7 is rejecting all my Acqua plugins at scan (vst2).

The only solution is encapsulating them into N4 witch is acceped by VEP.

Posted on Mon, Dec 09 2019 07:57
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12664

Hi igbro, 

Many things seem easy to do because they are "easy to think", but unfortunately that's not always the case. 

An improved FX Rack functionality of VE Pro 7 is high on our list, I also hope that we will see it soon. 

If you send us more information about the Aqua incompatibility (versions, used OS), we will look into it:


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, Dec 09 2019 11:07
by igbro
Joined on Wed, Apr 17 2019, Posts 2

Thanks Paul, good to ear it's in your prioriites!

Yes, not so simple in fact, I gess...

For the Acqua/Acustica thing, I'm going to dig further because, in my slave (2x Xeon), Reaper is rejecting them too. They are working in my DAW machine (i7) with Cubase and Reaper (same W7x64 OS).

So maybe no a VEP problem.

Can't try to scan them with VEP in my DAW because I only have one license and this will mean two physical dongles plugged in the same machine (CUBASE&VEP)

I had installed Reaper to try the REAMOTE thing (deporting FX computing over LAN) because of the lack of success in VEP with Acustuca's (Only an old N4 version is accepted at scan and very slugish when Acquas's are encapsulated, not usable)

Have a nice day.

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