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Posted on Thu, Nov 14 2019 07:34
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12106

Hi Agarn,

That shouldn't happen anymore with the latest VE Pro versions. Please send the crash log to , with a link to this thread. 

We will take a look. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Jan 26 2020 20:30
by dnunez24
Joined on Wed, Oct 27 2004, Posts 2

This problem is still happening for me using the latest VEP 7.0.954 and Logic 10.4.8 on MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave). It's entirely reproducible on my end. In this case I'm running on a multi-monitor setup where LPX is open on the secondary display and VEP is open on the primary display (iMac built-in). This is possibly relevant but I haven't tried to do this without using them on the same display yet.

  1. Start Logic Pro X
  2. Create an instrument track and add VEP plugin as the input (multi-output w/ 16 stereo)
  3. Start VEP Server
  4. Add an instance to the blank VEP server that starts up.
  5. Rename the instance to anything
  6. Choose Instance > Open Recent Project from the menu and select a saved VEP project (click Don't Save when prompted)
  7. Open the VEP plugin from within Logic.
  8. Click Connect then select the named instance from VEP server and click Connect again.

VEP Server crashes immediately. I haven't even closed the plugin window yet as is indicated by other posters. I'll attempt to repro again using the primary display only to see if that might be the cause but as of right now VEP is entirely unusable for me with Logic Pro X.

File Attachment(s):
LogicU0020ProU0020XU0020VEP7U0020CrashU0020Report.txt (213kb) downloaded 1 time(s).

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Posted on Sun, Jan 26 2020 20:40
by dnunez24
Joined on Wed, Oct 27 2004, Posts 2

Looks like this might have something to do with the number or type of channels/busses/etc. I have created in the VEP project I'm loading because when I attempt to reproduce this with a brand new instance where I just added a single instrument, the crash doesn't happen. There could be some other kind of incompatibility or resource limitation issue. I'm running on a brand new iMac with maxed out specs so it's almost certainly not a physical resource limitation. I smell a software bug. All of the instruments I have loaded are Kontakt 6 instances in the project that is crashing. I can provide more relevant details if someone can tell me what will be helpful to help with diagnosis.

Posted on Thu, Jun 04 2020 21:44
by Rik Pfenninger
Joined on Wed, Jun 15 2005, Plymouth NH, Posts 53

I have the latest version of VEPro 7 running on an iMac Pro with 256 GB of RAM running Mojave. The only program that is running on this computer is VEPro 7. I have a very large template, which uses around 60 GB of RAM. The program loads fine, but whenever I close out VEPro after a session VEPro 7 crashes. This computer is a slave to my 2019 MacPro running Catalina with a much larger local VEPro template and no problems with crashing after I quit Digital Performer and Closeout VEPro7.

Any help here would be much appreciated.



Posted on Sat, Jun 06 2020 10:21
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12106

Hi Rik,

I answered in the new thread you opened for your question. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Jun 07 2020 03:30
by Crescendo
Joined on Wed, Jul 16 2008, Posts 42

I have the same problem. And in addition to that VE-Pro crashes about every 36-48 hours. The culprit seems to be Kontakt. Some instrument (probably in its scripting) has a CPU leak. Eventually it goes through the roof, the "!" symbol in Kontakt becomes red and the application is no longer responding. It then drags VE-Pro as well as Logic down to hell. Only force-quit helps.

Afterwards even previously saved projects (VE Pro instances, Kontakt Multis) are not always coming back as they are supposed to be. Often it opens older versions of an instance for example that factually does not exist anymore.

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