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M1 compatibility for VSL players
Last post Wed, Jul 19 2023 by xsubs, 24 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Nov 05 2022 21:19
by xsubs
Joined on Sun, Jun 09 2019, Posts 25

When will the players (Synchron, Synchron Piano, Vienna Organ, Synchron Harp) be M1 compatible?
It's over two years now since the M1/ARM systems came to market. Why is this taking so long?

I have nearly every library VSL sells, and expect more from them at this point. Even the smallest of devs have updated their offerings. Two years is just ridiculous in my opinion...

Posted on Sun, Nov 06 2022 04:31
by David B.
Joined on Tue, May 15 2018, Posts 116

I'll save VSL the time of having to respond to this.

We are working on it and we cannot give any date as to when It will be available. 😀

That's been their response for the last year or so. 

God Bless


Posted on Mon, Nov 14 2022 14:04
by bmajoros
Joined on Tue, Nov 30 2021, Posts 12


Posted on Mon, Nov 14 2022 21:36
by Mavros
Joined on Mon, Apr 19 2021, Switzerland, Posts 62
It is really getting time to at least issue an. M1 Beta version of the Synchron player as we all have thousands of Euros more or less blocked. in libraries which cannot be used properly since close to two years on M1 Macs. The last „no news and no deadline“ message from VSL was in August as far as I can trace in the many posts on this topic!

Many plugins now have separate M1 and Intel plugins and switching between native and Rosetta just to use a VSL instruments is very tiresome. Logic runs the Synchron player without Rosetta but CPU is peaking. at the first few notes and regularly gives CPU overloads even with 64 GB CPU. Versions of files with Synchron player tracks saved in Rosetta mode have difficulty opening and playing in M1 mode and just opening the plugin often leads to a DAW crash. I had to stop using VSL instruments in new compositions.

VSL team when will we finally have a M1 and now M2 compatible VEP Pro and Synchron player?
Posted on Sun, Dec 04 2022 22:19
by Finnish Synchronist
Joined on Wed, Nov 30 2022, Posts 1
Hello from a fresh VSL Synchron user. I just joined the club because I found out that there was no more need for the iLok dongle. I am not exaggerating if I say that it almost brought tears to my eyes when I first tried my Synchron CFX.

However it soon occurred to me there’s all sorts of trouble with my silicon processor. I’ve been going thru the forum and this is what I’ve come up with. Please, could you enlighten me where I’m still mistaken. I’m using MacBook Pro with M1 Pro processor and 16 GB of RAM running Logic Pro natively. My audio interface is Yamaha YC88 which is also my main keyboard. Synchron CFX is located on an external Samsung T7 SSD drive.

1. There occurs random CPU spikes when using Synchron CFX with an Apple silicon processor no matter what I do. At least for me these show up on the first thread of the Logic Pro CPU monitor.

2. The software is somewhat playable when using buffer of at least 512 but not smaller. There are no specific processing thread settings in Logic or CFX that would help the piano to play better.

3. We have no idea when VSL is launching silicon compatibility.

4. Bonus problem: when running CFX on Synchron Pianos or Vienna Ensemble the default latency is 512. If I try to change this, 90% of the times the software still sets it to default. I must add that I tried the Synchron also on an older Intel computer and it did the same so I'm asking if this is a knowledged problem that has nothing to do with the silicon issue?

Any advice appriciated, thank you very much.
Posted on Tue, Dec 06 2022 10:23
by Mavros
Joined on Mon, Apr 19 2021, Switzerland, Posts 62
.You are exactly describing what all Mac M1 users experience. I have an M1Max with 64GB RAM but experience the same issues of peaking overloads and incomplete loading of VSL instruments in Logic in M1 mode. I even have fprojects with multiple VSL instances (10-15 Synchron instruments) which are not playable anymore in M1 mode. They open very slowly (1-2 minute) but if you start playback you get the infamous ball spinning eternally.

After a lot of experimenting with the setting s in M1 mode, I found that the only solution is to run Logic in Rosetta mode, Somehow they way the VSL libraries load is different. It opens very fast and actually see your Synchron player instances load during the opening of the project and although you might face an overload on the first playback after opening, the project runs smoothy after simply restating payback and you can work on it and save it.

I am not sure what is happening at VSL but there seem to be serious developer issues. The is a complete radio silence on M1 issue. Worse the last still none M1 compatible update of all major players and VEPPro was even withdrawn due to major bugs.
Posted on Tue, Dec 06 2022 19:27
by Football
Joined on Tue, Apr 21 2009, Manchester by the Sea, Posts 13

Bummer, was looking at the newly released Fazioli but am on an M1, so will wait it out.

Posted on Wed, Dec 07 2022 14:47
by fatis12_24918
Joined on Sat, Dec 16 2006, Posts 354

I tested my Fazioli (std lib) and the Synchron Pianos update (1.2.116)  today on my Mac Studio (macOS 12.6.1 Monterey) and results were quite disappointing:

- the Synchron Pianos (both stand alone and VST plugin) crash at startup. Only after launching AU plugin I got the Synchron Pianos opening... same issue i experienced by the way with the previous Synchron players update later retired by VSL... sounds alarmingly out of control on VSL side.

- the sound of the Fazioli is quite strange (over-compressed dynamic range and muffled fortissimo). So strange I suspect it can be disrupted by some bug, and hopefully VSL will fix it soon (at least before my warranty period expires, otherwise I will be forced to return it and ask money back. Should be very sad, because I really love this piano)

Posted on Thu, Jan 05 2023 16:43
by xsubs
Joined on Sun, Jun 09 2019, Posts 25

Another two months gone by, with nothing from VSL... not even a post by them in this thread.
Not surprised any longer... shame

Posted on Thu, Feb 02 2023 16:14
by xsubs
Joined on Sun, Jun 09 2019, Posts 25

Another month... still not a peep out of VSL.

Performance on my Mac Studio BLOWS with VSL, even with only a few tracks. Replacing all VSL instruments has at least allowed me to work.
There's really no excuse for this delay... the M1 came out two and a half years ago. Even the smallest of devs, with precious few resources available, have ported their code.

Posted on Sat, Feb 04 2023 19:13
by rao
Joined on Fri, Dec 25 2015, Posts 1

Also not too happy about the missing Apple Silicon compatibility.
Maybe it makes sense to check VSL.'s statement for updates once in a while:

Posted on Sun, Feb 05 2023 02:32
by robgb
Joined on Thu, Jan 22 2004, Posts 7

It absolutely amazes me that VSL doesn't have a native player yet. M1 Macs have been standard for about two years now, and still no native compatibility? I am astonished by this.

Posted on Sun, Feb 05 2023 05:48
by Cyril Blanc
Joined on Thu, Dec 19 2002, Paris France, Posts 2900

You have to understand that VSL has nothing to win spending time on modifying there players for M1.

They are not stupid they prefer to develop more libs to get more €


Originally Posted by: robgb Go to Quoted Post

It absolutely amazes me that VSL doesn't have a native player yet. M1 Macs have been standard for about two years now, and still no native compatibility? I am astonished by this.

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Posted on Wed, Mar 01 2023 12:16
by douscinco
Joined on Fri, Sep 05 2014, Posts 11

The update has arrived for Synchron player. I've fired up my Reaper session with 150+, most of them with an instance of VSL Synchron player. Before today, I was working in Rosetta, because having so many tracks with a bridged plugin was unmanageable and buggy. So far, so good. It was slow and choppy at first, but the culprit might well be many of the plugins still running in bridged x64 mode.

Posted on Wed, Mar 01 2023 16:22
by Vinny Colletti
Joined on Mon, Apr 12 2021, Upstate NY, Posts 19

Nice work on the Silicon Synchron Player! Thanks Looking forward to VE7 Pro

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Posted on Thu, Mar 02 2023 00:28
by dragsquares
Joined on Sat, Aug 13 2005, Austin, TX, Posts 85
Originally Posted by: Cyril Blanc Go to Quoted Post
You have to understand that VSL has nothing to win spending time on modifying there players for M1.
They are not stupid they prefer to develop more libs to get more €

Do go on.
Richard F.W. Davis
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Posted on Thu, Mar 02 2023 02:28
by slade_23790
Joined on Sat, Oct 14 2006, Posts 10

Just installed the update on my Mac Studio. Working much better now. The odd expected CPU bump, but otherwise working well with my solo strings.

Posted on Thu, Jun 01 2023 18:11
by xsubs
Joined on Sun, Jun 09 2019, Posts 25

It looks like the Synchron Harp Player is now ARM native, though I saw no announcement. True?

When will the Organ Player be updated?

Posted on Thu, Jun 01 2023 18:14
by Andreas8420
Joined on Mon, Dec 02 2019, Vienna, Posts 344


Yes, you can download the latest Synchron Player Harp Update with Apple Silicon support via the Vienna Assistant. No ETA for the Organ Player, I am afraid.


Technical Support - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Fri, Jun 02 2023 09:06
by kurt
Joined on Mon, Jan 15 2007, Belgium, Posts 69

thank you for the Harp M1 compatibly. Looking forward for the organ player update. 

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