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How to find VI SE as an AU in Logic
Last post Wed, Jun 02 2010 by davpla, 4 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jul 29 2009 22:59
by crutkowski
Joined on Thu, May 01 2008, Posts 11

I'm making progress in learning VI, but I'm stuck at the very simple point of how to open a VI preset in Logic as an Audio Unit software instrument.  I know this is embarrassingly easy, but when I try to browse to VI from the Logic channel strip, I can't see VI.  Is there a step I'm missing?  I'm searching both manuals, but someone can rescue me much quicker, I'm sure....


Chris R.

Posted on Wed, Jul 29 2009 23:47
by dayadon
Joined on Fri, Aug 03 2007, Posts 172

Hello, Chris.

Are you using Logic 8 or 9?  If so, you select the track for which you want to load an instrument.  Then, in the Arrange page, look on the left window (presuming your track is an Instrument track) above the left fader, for example Inst 1.  Mine says Stereo Out above that fader.  Just click the empty box above Stereo Out, or Mono, if you have that, and All the way to the bottom of the drop down menu you should see AU Instruments.  VSL is in there.

It's basically the same for a channel in the Mixer.


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Posted on Thu, Jul 30 2009 01:03
by crutkowski
Joined on Thu, May 01 2008, Posts 11

Thank you, Dennis! 

There it is in the I/O spot.  I was trying to find it in the setting spot at the top of that series.  

How do you like Logic (9?), and how do you like the combination of Logic and VI?

Posted on Wed, Jun 02 2010 21:29
by davpla
Joined on Tue, May 25 2010, Posts 5
I'm having this problem too. I am using Logic Express 9.1.1. I looked in the place mentioned, but I find only the Apple AUs there. However, when I look at the [Audio Units Manager...], I find the Vienna Instruments listed there as successfully validated.
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