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Improving VI Pro
Last post Sat, Jul 29 2017 by GdT, 3 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Mar 31 2016 16:03
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499

Dear VSL,


I believe the following features would improve VIP:


Copy / Paste

  • Copy the Edit tab settings: Velocity Curve, Envelope Setting, etc.
  • Copy the Advanced tab settings
  • Paste to all slots in cell
  • Paste to all cells in matrix
  • Paste to all Matrices
  • Note: mass editing/pasting makes life easy! ;)



* Neighboring RR's

RR's explanation: Many stac patches only have 2 RRs. And the stac reps are more "staccatisimo". While it's possible to use pitch shifting manually to do this, it's very tedious. Please just add the Neghboring RR feature. It would make life easier.


* AET velocity filter for smoother transitions between staccato velocities

An AET filter, like Kontakt has, can apply details from a spectral analysis, rather than a simple X-fade. It creates a smoother transition from one velocity to the next. This simple feature would dramatically expand the versatility of VSL's velocity layers, ESPECIALLY for brass instruments. If AET could apply to long notes instead of a simple X-fade, I'd even prefer that if it sounded good. But that's wishful thinking.


* Different EQ per note, like the Imperial VST

It would also be great to have the same EQ show up on each note, but have it automatically adjust for the pitch by moving everything left and right per pitch. I know that's a big request. I just think that's ideal. So any way of at least making that easy to accomplish would be helpful.


* 3rd Party library support.

I know, I know. I know... really, I do. But seriously? Do you have any idea how much VIP would own the sampling world if this happened? I'd add all my own samples to VIP and convert as many other things to it as I could. The more I use your products, the better it is for your business. Simple math! lol VIP is so much more than other samples in so many ways. It's musical! Granted, it doesn't have the effects like Kontakt. But that isn't really an inhibition. The fact is, VIP is brilliant... it's just that few get to use it because it's library specific. Please, please, please... please... open it up. More of the world needs to share in the goodness.


I will GLADLY pay for an upgrade to VIP3 for these things. Gladly... very very very gladly. $$$!!!! And if you won't do it for the money, do it because you know that somewhere there is a guy out there who will feel less pain and much joy from your actions... or just do it for the money.




Posted on Tue, Apr 05 2016 04:33
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499

One more thing...

Please add a button to auto-adjust instrument ranges to their defaults. Sometimes the best way to build an instrument is to load an existing one and hold ALT to transfer articulations in, especially if two members of the clarinet familiy might share similar settings. But having to drag the keyboard range slider for each articulation. I think I lose a happy childhood memory every time I have to do this. ;) Don't get me wrong, it's the best sampler on the planet... easily. But holy cow, building instruments isn't exactly a fast process.




EDIT: I swear every time I post a request, I find a solution right after. I wasn't aware you could save cells without patches, but with other settings saved, and use the ALT feature to create instruments this way. Not all instruments are the same of course, but this way I'll at least have the same layout and be close to the ballpark in terms of what I generally like. Again, a brilliant sampler!

Posted on Sat, Jul 29 2017 15:06
by GdT
Joined on Wed, Dec 30 2009, UK, Posts 18

Originally Posted by: SJSF Go to Quoted Post

Dear VSL,

 I believe the following features would improve VIP:

 Copy / Paste

  • Paste to all Matrices

I would also like to be able to Paste into the Matrix name.

I can copy and paste from one Matrix name to another.

But I cannot copy from the external "clipboard" ie from an external text file, and paste a name into the Matrix name.

This would save me a lot of typing.

Roger GdT
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