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Last post Sun, Dec 01 2019 by Daniel Stenning, 3 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Nov 20 2019 10:38
by tousroud
Joined on Fri, Apr 08 2016, Posts 5

Hi to All


I'm trying to put those 3 elements to work together


I put an instance of KK into VEP and my Komplet Kontrol S88 can brose sounds play an so on

Whan i connect my VEP instance to Logic, all the pre mapped configuration of my sound controls in KK disappear and the KK goes to midi mode. So to keep the kontrol's view on my KK S88 active i have to erace the S88 in the logic control surfaces prefernce ans in this case, i lost all of the transport fonctions and automation capabilities of my S88....so the Logic integration is lost

My quetsion is: is ther a way to host all the KK softaware instances in VEP 7 and the KK S88 integration with Logic at the same time?



Posted on Sun, Dec 01 2019 12:18
by Daniel Stenning
Joined on Fri, Jan 11 2019, UK, Posts 35


And this is one of my big bugbears.

I have a KK 88 mk II myself.  And am beginning to think that such controllers probably are largely redundant and a waste of money for comoposers who chiefly use huge track count DAW templates where the majority of sounds ( chiefly orchestral ) are being hosted in VEP.

it would be great if NI and Vienna ( and Steinberg in fact ) could crack heads and collaborate on something where for example there was two halves to the. VST plugin - a client component and back end component - so that for example KOMPLETE KONTROL would just contain the GUI elements but a "server" plugin component of KK would sit in VEP for each instrument.

But this involves major reworking by NI of the KK plugin tech so dunno.  It would seem to be that since Kontakt is used for so so many libraries that are used by orchesrtral composers with VEP rigs that it would be i NI's interewst to make KK work nicely with VEP systems. But I suspect that much more of the income raised by NI's products come from "producer" pop music type users - and these customers arent your typical VEP user.  :(

Posted on Sun, Dec 01 2019 12:23
by Daniel Stenning
Joined on Fri, Jan 11 2019, UK, Posts 35

Having said this -  I dont use Logic but use Cubase.


Whereas none of the KK plugin functionality - LED strips, mapped controllers etc work in the PLUGIN page mode,  

For Cubase at least the MIDI mode on KK does work ok - where many od the DAW functions in Cubase get controlled by my KK controller.  I just lose use of the one unique benefit of KK controllers and that is all the NKS stuff.

Hence one could really use any other controller insteac of KK and get the same type of DAW conrtrol functionaloity. 

Like for exampke NEKTAR

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