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Missing VST plugins / setting VST scan path(s) in VEPro7
Last post Mon, Sep 21 2020 by jwitzsch, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Sep 21 2020 11:27
by jwitzsch
Joined on Sat, Apr 01 2017, Posts 15

Sorry, I just cannot figure this one out (running on a Mac Mini / Mojave 10.14.6)

In VEPro 7 Preferences, there are just two buttons for plugins: "scan for changes" and "reset and rescan all". There is no button to set any scan path(s). If I remember correctly, there was such an option in version 6.

My problem is, that there is
a.) a huge difference in recognized plugins between AU and VST versions (I'd rather just use the VST ones...)
b.) some plugins seem not to be recognized (not talking about failed verification here!)
c.) and that some plugins (the latest being Arturia) seem to install their plugins outside of the default path Library/Audio/Plugins (no wonder, they do not show up)

All my plugins are up to date with their 64bit versions being installed.

I did a "Reset and Rescan All" - but still, the problem persists.

So, am I just not remembering this correctly, am I missing something I did not find in the manual:
- how am I setting the scan-path(s) to the plugins in VEPro7 (server and standalone)?  
- how can I set multiple paths to be scanned?
- if I cannot set the path(s) manually: what's the plugin path, that VEPro7 scans (maybe, I can move some plugins to that very location then, if ever possible).

Installed software is: VEPro 7.0.1056, VIPro 2.5.18635, Vienna Mir Pro, Synchron Player, Synchron Pianos (all are up to date)

Thanks for the help!

Posted on Mon, Sep 21 2020 16:41
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12482

Hi Joerg, 

On Mac, the plug-in paths are "written in stone", and all plug-ins are installed into that structure (unlike the organization of VST Plug-in Folders on Windows). 

It can be, that some VST plug-ins on Mac are not designed so well... we have tried to work out a solution for most of them... Did you make sure you have all the latest versions installed? Which plug-ins are affected?


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, Sep 21 2020 19:12
by jwitzsch
Joined on Sat, Apr 01 2017, Posts 15

Originally Posted by: Paul Go to Quoted Post
On Mac, the plug-in paths are "written in stone" .... Which plug-ins are affected?

Thanks for answering so quickly. Right now, Arturia (FX Collection & Modulation FX) & a Korg Synth are affected - I could get most of the other affected VSTs recognized by renaming the VST-folder to "VST-old", do a reset&rescan and then renaming the VST-folder back to "VST" and doing another reset&rescan. Let's call it "done fixing the hickup"...

I know, that VST/AU locations are fixed on a MAC. But Arturia seems to ignore that and create its own directory: Library/Arturia, holding VSTs, AUs and program specific configuration- and other files. Only Arturia's AAX-files are in the proper location.

So it all comes down to the question: which directories is VEPro7 scanning exactly?

If it scans "Library/Audio/Plugins" and all the subfolders there, then I might be able to either use a workaround.  I might be able to move the entire folder Library/Arturia to Library/Audio/Plugins/Arturia and symlink it. So Arturia itself should still work and VEPro7 could discover the plugins, IF VEPro7 uses Library/Audio/Plugins as its top directory it scans.

But if VEPro7 deliberately uses folders BELOW that path, such as "Library/Audio/Plugins/VST" and "Library/Audio/Plugins/components", then I might be running into trouble, since I only can move the entire Arturia folder and not just its vst- and au-files.

I hope, I could explain the problem properly. Thanks in advance for your help!

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