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Posted on Sat, Feb 27 2021 21:56
by RoughEdge82
Joined on Tue, Sep 29 2009, Posts 3

I have been using VSL since 2009. I love the expansiveness of the Vienna instruments player and sound libraries. I also love the flexibility of purchasing instruments and articulations when you need them. VSL has truly been a blessing with my orchestral production needs.

With that said, Im extremely disappointed with my last transaction. I ordered two products online to which Chase declined the charge for suspected fraud activity. This always happens then first time I try to order probably because I'm in the US. I confirmed with my bank that it was I that made the charge, and the second time it was still declined. (I have plenty of funds) I then tried to use the "Charge to back office" option that was presented for this must be an ongoing issue.  That processed and stated it could take 24 hours to complete. Well, I needed the libraries that day for a project, which has always been great about ordering with VSL. Anyway, I then tried to confirm the legitimacy of the second charge with my bank that was declined and that went ultimately went through. I immediately sent an email to VSL support asking to cancel the back office charge as the initial credit charge processed. 30 minutes after I sent that email, the charge I asked to cancel was processed anyway. Which means, there are 2 charges for the same products with different registrations. I sent 3 emails in 2 days asking for assistance and received ZERO response. There is no phone number to call, and now that were on day 4, I finally had to dispute it though my bank. I am completely astounded that a company I've been using for 10 years + and have also told many others about their products completely ghosted my requests. Their lack of response to this issue seriously has me reconsidering my future business with them. 

Im posting this for the record and hopefully there will be some sort of a response. I mean......

Posted on Sat, Feb 27 2021 23:27
by bbelius
Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 883


I've just looked it up and we received your mails and our sales team will process these as soon as possible.
In the last days we had an unusual high amount of sales and support mails, therefore it currently might take a little bit longer then usual until the cases are processed.
My colleague Andreas send you a response three days ago, confirming that we will handle this case.
You should hear back from the sales team in the next few days.

Best, Ben

Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Feb 28 2021 00:15
by RoughEdge82
Joined on Tue, Sep 29 2009, Posts 3
Thanks Ben. After posting this I got an email from Andres. Once it gets resolved, I’ll delete this post, or praise the resolve. It literally felt like a boyfriend/girlfriend that wasn’t answering a phone or text. 😭. Hahaha.
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