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Logic 8 and the performance tool.
Last post Wed, Oct 10 2007 by Kai, 8 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Oct 08 2007 11:27
by Kobe
Joined on Mon, Oct 08 2007, Posts 19

I have Logic8 and i'm thinking of buying VI SE, but i've read that i'm not going to be able to use the performance tool interface. Because i'm new to VSL i don't know what is the performance tool. So:

1.Where could i find information about this tool?

2.Is this tool esssential?

3.Should i wait till the problem is solved?

Posted on Mon, Oct 08 2007 19:58
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608

Don't need no stinkin' Performance Tool for VI. VI rules OK.......Wink

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Posted on Mon, Oct 08 2007 20:05
by Kobe
Joined on Mon, Oct 08 2007, Posts 19
Thanks for answering, but what is the performance tool for?
Posted on Mon, Oct 08 2007 20:09
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1089
Hi Kobe.

Well, the good news for you is, you're about to purchase Vienna Instruments Special Edition, which is its own third-party AU program and has nothing to do with EXS or Logic 8's PT issues. VI SE has Legato built-in when needed, it handles alternations differently, and it automatically repeats with minimal direction from you. So you can disregard the following.

In EXS, Performance Tool allows you to play Legato, Alternation, and Repetition sounds.

For Legato, it interprets the sample mapping to include the right intervals that you're playing, so you get a fluid connection from one note to the next.

Alternation allows you to choose different articulations in recurring patterns, so you can build some realistic, hands-free music.

Repetition works to blunt the "machine-gun effect" by coursing through alternative sounds of the same note.

These PT programs still work, but the problem is that the last two usually need to be re-programmed for a particular musical instance. And if it re-sets when you open it, as Marnix explained, then it doesn't do you much good.

But the lion's share of EXS users did not embrace these last two functions because they were a lot of work to program. On my computer, Legato Tool still works well in Logic 8, and I am happy with its default settings, which is good because I can't edit them.
Posted on Mon, Oct 08 2007 20:21
by Kobe
Joined on Mon, Oct 08 2007, Posts 19
Posted on Tue, Oct 09 2007 15:29
by dshuttlewood
Joined on Mon, Sep 24 2007, Posts 11
Hi, I know im going to be fairly useless when it comes to trying to explain myself but here goes. My Names Daniel Shuttlewood and i recently prchased the Vienna Cube Pro edition with the performance package, Im also using it in conjunction with the new logic Studio (8) however i can only play my samples through the EXS24, (which is what ive been told is correct). Now i know this will sound like a stupid question as it may have already been answered but i want to ask it in my own way so i know i understand correctly. In the video tutorials it demonstrates how you can use various samples at once through the matrix's so as to get a more realistic sound. I however, would like to know how to do this in logic studio as i can only play one sample at a time, ie V1_perf-leg_f_porta, which gives a wonderful sound when bending up or down onto different notes but sounds false when doing fast runs.......It would be a great help if someone here could tell me how i could get this software that the tutorials use, i have a feeling that software is the 'performance tool' your already talking about......? Please get back to me asap, I really want to get on with composing my music as i have deadlines to meet for the films im doing. Thankyou to anyone wo can help.
Posted on Tue, Oct 09 2007 18:11
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1089
You can create a lot of music with VSL Pro Cube out of the box, but there *is* a learning curve, so I hope your film deadline isn't too severe.

There are two different video tutorial groups. One is for EXS, produced a couple of years ago, and purchased for about 40 USD. The current tutorials on line are for Vienna Instruments. To which group are you referring?

"It would be a great help if someone here could tell me how i could get this software that the tutorials use..."

I suspect you're watching the VI online tutorials. That works only with a VI instrument. It is a separate purchase. When you buy VI samples, the software comes with it.

The Performance Tool in EXS is not intended to facilitate the changing of articulations for playback. It can only do what I described above, and it (comfortably) handles only one sound at a time. To switch from porta to other string sounds in EXS requires a knowledge of environment, MIDI channel, channel strips. and keyswitching to vary articulations. It can be done. Most of us here have been doing it that way (the old way) for years.

We all do it a little differently, but there are three basic approaches.

1. For every articulation, add a new track and put each EXS instrument at the head of that track. Great for speed, horrible for score print-out.

2. Create keyswitching instruments within EXS. Great for speed, better for print-outs, and a test for your memory. Also, your articulations are limited to whatever you compile in an instrument.

3. Create a dummy instrument, set to "all" channels, cable it to a Channel Splitter, then cable each splitter's port to its own channel strip. Put the dummy as the track object. Now you can select the articulation by MIDI channel. Great for scores, most flexible for playback, but it takes deeper knowledge of environment and patience to build up templates.

Also, you can search the forum for Kai's keyswitching tool, which basically changes articulations via MIDI channels.

Clear as mud, no doubt. Read this a couple of times. Maybe it'll start making sense. If you've purchased EXS instruments based on the VI tutorials, you may be in for a disappointment, but do not despair. You will come out a better Logician for it. The gold is still there in Pro Edition. You just have to dig a little deeper.
Posted on Wed, Oct 10 2007 09:36
by Kai
Joined on Sun, Dec 29 2002, Graz, Austria, Posts 140
hi daniel,
fortunately you donĀ“t have to set everything up yourself - simply have a look at this page:
this framework offers many of the features that the vienna instruments offer ... and has even several advantages (more flexibility, no ram limit when using the exs in logic 8, ...). so far it works with logic 7.2 but a logic 8 version will be available within a week or so.
i think there is no reason at all for disappointment - the pro edition is a great library for the money!
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