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Mixing with automation with VSL Ensemble Pro and Logic
Last post Tue, Nov 17 2009 by duotone, 1 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Nov 17 2009 20:30
by duotone
Joined on Wed, Feb 25 2004, New York City, Posts 4

The best solution that I've found is to use a logic Midi multi-instrument that is cabled to the VSL Ensemble software instrument track, instead of a multichannel software instrument.  Then for automation, I run cables to all of the aux tracks so that I am using MIDI CCs that I can automate to control volume, pan, and 3 sends(CC28-30).  Also I have to run a filter so that the notes of all channels get to the VSL instrument, but not the automation.  Here's a picture of the environment to help explain a bit:

enviornment screenshot

This is the setup I'm currently using, and it actually works reasonably well, but the main problem is that I can't take advantage of freezing or bounce in place like I can with the multi-channel software instrument, and those are very useful at times.  Also it doesn't allow for as detailed automation of the levels since the are limited to MIDI's 128 value range.

My question: Is there a better way?  The priorities for me are that it doesn't reload the samples with each session, is able to automate levels of volume, pan and 2 or 3 sends, it has only one track per instrument in the arrange, and is able to be used with bounce in place and freeze functions.

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