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Memory usage (growth) in Vienna Ensemble
Last post Wed, Apr 07 2010 by gilles1234, 1 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Apr 07 2010 17:25
by gilles1234
Joined on Sat, Feb 02 2008, Brosssard, Quebec, Canada, Posts 40

 Dear community

The context of my question is this: I run Sibelius 6.1 with Vienna Ensemble (version 2.0.3452) with Windows Vista SP2 [ ;(  ], on a Dell XPS 630I 64-bit quad cpu computer, and 8 GB memory. I load samples from Special Edition into 4 instances of  Vienna Ensemble.

I don't know if it is a particularity of Vista, of Vienna Ensemble or Sibelius 6.1 (or somehting else I ignroe), but I noticed the memory consumption increases steadily. At the start, it will show, for example, 6.01GB used, and about 30 minutes later, while still working on the same piece and not loading any new instruments or samples (that I am aware of), the memory has managed to creep up to 7.25 GB.

Is this a known feature? Is there a way to find this out if there is memory leakage? Or perhaps it is normal (e.g. VE may keep on loading extra things that I am not aware of)?

Tks to all
Gilles Naud

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