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Posted on Tue, Mar 01 2011 12:18
by emduZik
Joined on Wed, May 26 2010, Posts 9

Dear all,

VE PRO is a great LAN host! It's well made for PRO musicians needs.

The recent compatibility with Play engine is awesome!

I wanted to share a few remarks to improve the VE Pro in the work flow.

I'd appreciate the Support Team to consider them for next development or any advices from you. Especially regarding to the work flow with 3rd party VSTi with multi-output (Kontakt, Play...) that sometime is frustrating to use because it's really tidious to setup at the moment.

here the situation met for example:


Using Vepro 4.1.7644 I load 1 VSTi Play2.1 in Vepro and I want to use 9 outputs from it.

What I'll need to do is:

-Create extra 8 inputs manually

-Assign each of them to the VSTi Play2.1 output.

-Rename each Input channel name to organise them

-Assign each Input channel to an Vepro output to find them in my Sequencer separately (here cubase 4.5.1)

This takes about 4 mins to setup 8 outputs and 9 mins for a 32 outputs plugins.

Usually I need 3-4 VSTi which mean a least 20-30 mins just to setup. it's a real nightmare!

I didn't find a way to go quicker so far. Any advices?

"Saving Channel preset" doesn't work in most cases because of problems with ranking position which save Input/output Channels in absolute and not relative position.

So, It's good to save the entire setup if nothing is adjusted later.

But If I save an individual VSTi with all his outputs and re-open 4 of them from this preset, I end up by reassigning all Input/output channels of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th VSTi anyway.



(1)A great feature would be one that we find in Cubase. It creates automatically all VSTi output when it's loaded. When an output is activated on/off from the VSTi it appears/de-appears automaticaly and respectively in the host.

(2)The 2nd handy feature would be to be able to assign multi input/output channel to a VSTi or Vepro channel with auto-incremantation.


-I select inputs 1-8 and assign a VSTi outputs 1-8 repectively in one click, like we do for the MIDI Channel incrementation in VE PRO.

-Same remark to Rename Channels with incrementation: I select input 1-8 and I enter my custom name on the 1st input selected and call it: "My input 1" all input 1-8 are auto-renamed: "My Input 1" to "My input 8" respectively.

Anyone have features they would like to see in Ve PRO to save time too?

Thank you very much, looking for your replies

-- emduZik

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