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Posted on Wed, Aug 03 2011 16:23
by jmp72
Joined on Sat, Jul 30 2011, Posts 1
My name is Benoit and I'm new to VEP and Vienna Library, this is awesome! I love this company and the network function!!

I just bought VEP and have two major problem... I have a macbook pro with Protools 9 connected with the network function to a windows XP (intel dual2core) where VEP is installed, from my protools to VEP, there is an octave of difference, ie, a E1 from protools will be E2 in VEP, if I want a different range to switch between two instrument I always have to think the difference, and all the stuff I received from other people are not correct... same thing to switch between articulation, If susfA is A7 (default) in protools I have to write a A6

My other problem is with articulation, when I change an articulation, ie G#6 to A6 (in my case) sus to susfA, it always change the note after I write it, and sometime it just don't change...? I write the articulation change in the same midi as my instrument, is that the correct way to do it? do I have to create another midi track and send it to the same midi channel just for the articulation change?


oh and, i have some dropout every 20 minute, just a second... it's not that annoying but if I can find a solution....1024 and 2 buffers
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