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Last post Thu, Jul 16 2015 by herb, 4 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Jul 16 2015 14:50
by KProckup
Joined on Thu, Mar 28 2013, Posts 2

Every time I load a new instance of Vienna Instruments Pro I have to perform 3-5 menial tasks, such as setting the CC1 to VeloticyXFade, turning MIRx on, etc.  Is there any way that I can make these thing as the default setting for VI Pro?  Or is my only option in saving the matrix and creating templates, etc? 

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Posted on Thu, Jul 16 2015 16:04
by JimmyHellfire
Joined on Tue, Dec 24 2013, Posts 322

AFAIK it's not possible to save custom default settings. I have a pre-configured template inside Cubase. But I also have VI Pro presets for all my VSL instruments where everything is set up the way I need it - patches, cells, matrices, CC assignments, humanize settings, MIRx on/off, wet value, everything. That way, I can open up a new single instance of VI Pro and just drag and drop an instrument preset from the list onto the empty matrix and there it is.

And because I apparently don't have anything better to do, I also have custom expression maps for all this stuff ...

I think the only shortcut is copying controller mappings from one instance and pasting them into another, but it doesn't also save the amount of reverb, tuning and delay settings etc.

Posted on Thu, Jul 16 2015 17:06
by DaddyO
Joined on Tue, May 22 2012, San Antonio, TX, Posts 321

Jimmy has given you the solution-- the liberal use of presets. Start by saving a "master" preset with your preferred keyswitches, CC and parameter settings, and MIRx settings. Then you can use that as a base to load cells with patches. Note that when you switch to a different instrument MIRx will automatically change to a setting for that instrument. I've found it helpful to standardize my matrices so I can save a "parent" preset, then just drag appropriate patches to the correct master-planned cells and then save as various "child" presets.

I agree it would be nice if VSL gave us the ability to lock in custom defaults for these settings, but at least there IS a way to get where you want to go.

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Posted on Thu, Jul 16 2015 18:06
by herb
Joined on Mon, Aug 05 2002, Posts 4607

If you save an empty preset named "Startup" all the settings applied to these preset become the default settings. See also Vienna Instruments manual page 12.


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