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Posted on Thu, Jan 12 2017 14:47
by saxmand
Joined on Wed, May 06 2009, Posts 61

Hi Guys from VSL. As always, huge fan of the VSL libraries. I always end turning back to them even when trying out new libraries!

Just 2 ideas that could make my life (and maybe others) easier in the vast world of orchestra Programming:

1) Presets for the Vienna Instrument Pro: Right now if I'm setting up a new instrument I'll have to go through the Ctrl Map page manually to make all faders react on the right controllers. Same goes for the XY and AB controller. Also the Matrix key switches (since I'm on Mac/Cubase and can't use Program Changes). I also use the Remote Control a lot, but have to manually set up which faders should show up. So basically a Preset knob that could load a preset for all the controller values in VI2.

2) As much as I love the XY concept of chosing articulations, but sometimes it's not the most practical way. It would be really great if it would be possible to choose articulation based on a running CC. So A1 would be CC1=1, So A2 would be CC1=2, So B1 would be CC1=13 ect. I know it creates a problem since the XY grid has 144 slots and we only have 127 CC messages, but I imagine the last just not being accesible in that mode... 

Thanks and thanks for some already great products! Jesper

Posted on Thu, Jan 12 2017 15:58
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 11929

Hi Jesper, 

Thanks for your friendly words!

I think your solution is to create a STARTUP Preset (store it right in the Root Folder of the Preset Browser and name it exactly STARTUP). 

Assign all controls just the way you want to have them for your instruments and whenever you insert a new VI / VI PRO, this setup will be loaded. See also the VI Pro manual on Page 14.

EDIT: Regarding assigning CC's instead of Keyswitches, I don't think that this makes too much sense, but if you're on Cubase, why not use VST Expression with our instruments?

Hope that helps!


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Jan 12 2017 16:12
by saxmand
Joined on Wed, May 06 2009, Posts 61

Thanks for the quick reply Paul.

I'll make a Startup preset, that'll at least solve future instruments I'll create.

It would be great using using VST Expression, but since you can enter or change VST Expressions via the Logical Editor it's not usable for me. I would never want to sit and draw articulations by hand.

Currently I use NoteExpression with two CC's, one for each axis. And I can with a bit of workaround assign them to each note via key commands. This is really great, but sometimes I just wish I could use a single CC for this and reach more then 12 articulations with that specified CC. It could for that matter also apply to Keyswitches, but this I agree wouldn't make much sense...

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